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LOTR scenario
Alternate logistic icon graphics
Operation Trappenjagd
Case Blue Editor Walkthrough
Netherlands 1940 v2
Colonial Gold


The 2nd Civil War (BETA)9Excellent mod. Interesting blend of historical accuracy and fictional setting. Unique scenario!
GD1938 (Gold)10High point in global multiplayer PBEM world war 2!
Operation Trappenjagd7This scenario has been created while writing the editor walkthrough. Its best to play this as the Germans vs the AI it will give you the most challenge.
Hispaniola9excellent small scenario! plays well against the AI. and i really like the sugar resource, it helps a lot in giving this scenario the banana republic feeling.
War in the West6i thought this scenario could get a bit boring in the long phase between blitz and d-day. download works fine and returns a .pt2 file (tested in firefox)
Great Patriotic War8
Colonial Gold7Solid gameplay of cat and mouse. These scenario's really show off how flexible the engine is.
Tolkienesque7Well... its a tolkien clone. Plays reasonably well in my opnion, though i think the map is a bit to large.
American Civil War7Good job Tom! Though i still like scenaríos with production in towns instead of by action cards better. I played it a few times and i must say it has a real civil war feel too it.
Great War8Great scenario. I played it and liked it very much. I did not test it against the AI though.
Big Four7Excellent even steven scenario for 4 player all against all human games or 2 vs 2 human teams!. And a very close remake of the original scenario from Peoples Tactics too.
Netherlands 1940 v26Scenario created for the Advanced Scenario Editing Tutorial. Best playable human to human to be honest.
Real Mod9Excellent alernate masterfile that is the same as the default v1.02 masterfile but with different graphics. The quality of these graphics is very good imho.
War in the Med7its a nice scenario with a unique theater focus. but a bit hard on the AI.
World at War8very nice. but huge map.
LightningWar7haven't tested it my self. looks nice. and looks like a copy of the old Blitzkrieg game. Could be a bit more polished i guess though. Uses standard units.
Fall Grün7looks great and very detailed.
Race for Cherbourg8very historical feel. nice job! (still i'd like to be able to create more new units, maybe multiply card pp cost + initial pp by 2 or 3?)