Small General

Small GeneralVR Designs is proud to announce the release of Small General for Android. Small General is a turn-based hexagon and counter game designed for quick and easy play on Android mobile phones and tablets.

Small General is exactly what it says in the title: a very small wargame. Its small size facilitates smooth game play on mobile devices. Small General is easy enough to complete a game in 5 to 10 minutes, but still complex enough to provide a strategic challenge.

The player moves and attacks with his units to conquer all towns on the map. Unit types include: tanks, infantry, anti-tank guns and artillery. Combat is dice based and takes into account different unit statistics, experience, concentric attacks and landscape modifiers.

Small General requires units to be kept in supply and has fog of war rules. You can upgrade damaged units and build new units from scratch.

This release includes 3 small scenarios, 4 medium-sized scenarios and 3 big scenarios as well as a campaign consisting of 10 levels.

Small General is equipped with a solid Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can be played against on three different difficulty levels. Furthermore the game supports hot-seat gaming by keeping a record of all the moves and attacks made in the other player his turn.

The full version of Small General can be bought at the Android Market. A full functioning free demo version is also available but with a limited number of scenarios.

This game has been retired for the moment due to incompatibility with higher Android OS versions


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