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Small GeneralVR Designs is proud to announce the release of Small General for Android. Small General is a turn-based hexagon and counter game designed for quick and easy play on Android mobile phones and tablets.

Small General is exactly what it says in the title: a very small wargame. Its small size facilitates smooth game play on mobile devices. Small General is easy enough to complete a game in 5 to 10 minutes, but still complex enough to provide a strategic challenge.

The player moves and attacks with his units to conquer all towns on the map. Unit types include: tanks, infantry, anti-tank guns and artillery. Combat is dice based and takes into account different unit statistics, experience, concentric attacks and landscape modifiers.

Small General requires units to be kept in supply and has fog of war rules. You can upgrade damaged units and build new units from scratch.

This release includes 3 small scenarios, 4 medium-sized scenarios and 3 big scenarios as well as a campaign consisting of 10 levels.

Small General is equipped with a solid Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can be played against on three different difficulty levels. Furthermore the game supports hot-seat gaming by keeping a record of all the moves and attacks made in the other player his turn.

The full version of Small General can be bought at the Android Market. A full functioning free demo version is also available but with a limited number of scenarios.

This game has been retired for the moment due to incompatibility with higher Android OS versions


Game Manual:

12 Responses to Small General

  1. bobk says:

    Hi Victor, glad to see you are working on wargames for mobile devices. I purchased a Nintendo DS to play some turn based games, but everything is moving to ios or android, so now I have a Kindle Fire. Myself, and the millions of other Fire owners are prevented from playing this game though because we can`t use Google Play. Is there any other site which I can D/L and play small general?
    Thank You.
    Bob Kawalec

  2. Johnny5 says:

    Sure am glad I bought Small General. It absolutely rocks. Would love to see more scenarios for it, and a ‘create my own’ scenario capability for it.

    Would also buy a squad based version, let’s say ‘Small Leader’ if it ever came out.

  3. pmreynoldss says:

    Am also hoping that Small Generals can soon be played on Kindle Fire.

  4. diegoperez says:

    Abandoned game?. No more improvement in AI speed?. The speed of AI 2 and 3 is still slow, very slow.

  5. vic says:


    Its a concious design decision to give players the option to trade time for slightly better AI moves. You dont have to play it on the higher level.

    If you want more difficulty without slower AI you should play the AI+ or AI++ on the lowest AI level.


  6. Mrswargamer says:

    Just curious, what are the current hoped for plans for Small General?

    Just finished the campaign, really liked it.
    Going to play out the scenarios, and they all look like fun.

    I have SG Eastern Front, have not dived into it yet.

    Are you planning any other campaigns for SG, or additional SG releases like Eastern Front?

    I like the interface of SG. A challenging game without it being a challenge just to control the interface.

    I have been getting games for Panzer Campaigns from mr Tiller for Android, have not dived in to them yet. They look very detailed. I also have several titles from the Conflict series by mr Nuutinen also on Android equally interesting designs.

    But thus far, yours have been the easiest to get into.

  7. vic says:


    Thanks for the compliments! At the moment I am not putting much further effort in the current Small General engine and working most of my time on Workname Empire which is going to be my new engine for the next millenium ;)

    I do plan to also use this new engine to present smaller games to Android/Ipad after I got the first PC version game nailed down.

    I still like the concept of Small General. Small, basic but with still a lot of options for some clever strategies. So I am defenitely looking at doing more games like this, they’ll just use a different engine.

    Best wishes,

  8. Mrswargamer says:

    Thanks for your quick reply Vic, is does you honour that your modest site is not slow to reply.

    I like the sounds of Workname Empire (love the place holder name :) ). I have played Advance Wars, and regret that my time with the Nintendo DS has concluded (the screens are just too small for my older eyes). I also truly enjoyed playing The Age of Empires designs on the DS. They were small of map, but always so fun.

    I look forward to your newer creations. I agree with your comments on Strategic Command you made in another chat here. A very good design, very playable and a straight forward interface I think could have come to the tablet scene very easily.

    It’s not like there are no games out there pretending to be ‘wargames’ but, they are just part of the static noise on Google in most cases.

    Good luck on your efforts, the market still has a lot of need of good products worth the cash.

  9. tkershner says:

    SG is a wonderful game – I am hooked and look forward to future releases from you. The only thing I would like to add to SG is air units. Keep up the great work.
    Tod Kershner

  10. roo_ster says:


    Just downloaded it to my Android and it sure does bring me back to the counter & hex days.

    I hope your follow-on games can be Android phone compatible. I play mostly in fits and starts a few minutes here & there as an alternative to invoking my Kindle reader app.

  11. RustyPanzer says:

    Latecomer to the party here, I found the game on Google Play Store. After being initially put of by the (absence of) graphics and lack of in-game stats or rules explanations, I realized who it was made by and decided to give it a try. In the end I rather enjoyed the Small General demo. It’s the only Android wargame I know that manages to pack a real wargame experience into a phone screen while not making my eyes bleed and my fingers fumble with tiny text and interface.

    Reading the manual is not optional though. The game doesn’t even mention its existence! I actually googled to see if there was one, but most players don’t have my perseverence, I think you must be losing tons of potential customers this way. At least have a button on the main menu that links to it or something.

    Players could maybe understand enough about the game to play without manual if there was info about units (first of all, what numbers on counters mean!) in the purchase screen. Not sure if that feature made it into SG:Eastern Front?

    About Eastern Front, thinking of purchasing but I’m unsure how well this one plays on a phone since battles seem to be on a larger scale, so not one-screen. It does have better graphics though :P .

  12. Donczirr says:

    Hi Victor,

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for your excellent SG EF design.

    As for SG, I am more of an historical gamer – so would love to see a solid implementation of it with the EF features and focusing on the Fall of the West in 1940 and then D-Day onwards as a second major scenario.

    It should be known that there is a horrible vacuum in the mobile space for good wargames – meaning not Android’s definition of wargames like Boombeach and Glory of Generals.

    As it stands, only you, John Tiller and SAS Battle Factory have the only “real and professional” war games on these platforms.

    With a little advertising and updating of the system, I am sure SG WF would be a good seller in its niche market.

    Hope to see some of your mobile designs soon.


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