Victor Reijkersz Designs was formed in the Netherlands in January 2008, but is currently headquartered in Gignac, France.

Its first commercially released game was Advanced Tactics, a flexible operational level wargame engine.

The game Decisive Campaigns : The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris followed up with a release on the 26th of August 2010.

Early April 2011 Advanced Tactics Gold has been released.

Mid July 2012 Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue has been released.

In 2013 and 2014 also 2 Android games have been produced by VR Designs as well: Small General and Small General : Eastern Front.

During 2014 VR Designs teamed up with Cameron Harris and the result was the thanksgiving 2015 release of Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa.

After a rather lengthy break VR has released Shadow Empire in 2020. Which received a lot of extra free content and support work (and still is).

End of 2021 the Decisive Campaigns series also got its 4th installment with the Ardennes Offensive. A game done together with Davide Gambina.

Spring 2023 the first DLC for Shadow Empire was released with “Oceania”.

Contact Victor Reijkersz Designs through vic@VRdesigns.NET