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Case Blue version 1.08f is released!

It took a bit of time but Decisive Campaigns Case Blue is finally updated to v1.08f. This concerns the Matrix as well as the Steam version. Changes concern mostly graphics options and an extra AI added. New graphics options include: … Continue reading

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DC:Case Blue v1.08 public beta!

If you own the Matrix version of Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue you can now participate in the public beta of v1.08. This version brings an alternate and i think especially on the campaign map a much improved AI to play … Continue reading

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The long evolution of the Decisive Campaigns series

The upcoming game DC:Barbarossa is a very complete experience. It is a game build on top of a system and an engine that has been in the process of fine-tuning and improvement for a very long time. The evolution I … Continue reading

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Case Blue is now for sale at Steam and Matrix!!

And that with a whopping 50% discount! To get it surf over to Matrix or to Steam. If you already own Case Blue and want to add it to your Steam library remember that Matrix gives free Steam keys to … Continue reading

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Discussing the feasibility of a battalion or company level game with the DC engine

Just sharing a link to a discussion on the Matrix forums. Lower level scale is an intriguing idea that would probably work well. Especially in a linked-scenario campaign setting. Also repeating something I posted in this thread: Potential game designers … Continue reading

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August development progress report

Hi guys. Well I’ll be able to keep this posting short. I took a few weeks of vacation with my significant other half and there is not so much to report. There was finally after a long testing period a … Continue reading

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