DC : Ardennes Offensive

Fullname is Decisive Campaigns : Ardennes Offensive. A game taking the series in a new direction. Developed together with Davide Gambina. It covers the Ardennes Offensive 1944-1945 and other battles on the western front in the same time period.

Buy the game!
DC:Ardennes Offensive has been released on the 18th of november 2021 over on Matrix Games. For more information and for purchasing the game please visit our publishers product page over at Matrix Games.

You can read the manual before purchasing the game. Click over here for the PDF.
You can find the errata over here: https://www.vrdesigns.net/?page_id=2107.

Scenario design
For information on how to design scenarios with DC:Ardennes Offensive please hop on over to the DC4 scenario design wiki page: https://www.vrdesigns.net/dc/doku.php.

You can listen to the full soundtrack over here on youtube.