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First of all: The Community Project should be shared within a week. The CP is a seperate game (free for Barbarossa owners) and intended to let you do scenario design and uses a different ruleset than Barbarossa.
CP is intended to do full fledged design, while Barbarossa is not build for this, but can be modded to some degree.

Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa is an intricately scripted game. Theoretically modding everything is possible, but in practice modders should limit themselves. As Cameron puts it: “do not wander off the reservation! stick to modding what is discussed in the video tutorials”.

If you want to have the versatility to make a game about the battles in Italy in 1944 you should try the Community Project. If you want to fine-tune the number of t-34 in the Barbarossa game, modding it is an option.

That being said. Here follows the first Modding Tutorial on changing the TOE’s:

Modding TOE’s

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