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Here you'll find an overview of anything related to downloading user-made scenarios and modding and scenario design.

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GD1938v3 ManualsernieschwitzAT GOLD
Chuck 1Evilsizer2DC:CB
GD1938v3 A Road to WarernieschwitzAT GOLD
Napoleonic EuropeernieschwitzAT GOLD
Bombur1930 v2.00BomburAT GOLD
Four Seasons AT2 FilesweormandAT GOLD

Most Recent Reviews

Note that VR would really appreciate it if you take the time yourself to leave a review on the scenarios you tried. I really would like to see more reviews.

ScenarioChat Message
Bombur1930 v2.00


May 1st, 2024, Andronicus
Amazing mod!
Napoleonic Europe


March 8th, 2024, lovethelord
Will you be updating this scenario? European Napoleonic Scenario is the dream.
Napoleonic Europe


January 26th, 2024, David
exactly what I was looking for. thanks! I can use your unit graphics to mod!
Napoleonic Europe


January 12th, 2024, Ringorango
A falta de corregir algunos fallos. Muy buen juego , enhorabuena Ernie!!
DC: Barbarossa - Graphic Improvement


December 11th, 2023, zovs
Very good mod.
Napoleonic Europe


December 6th, 2023, nikdav
Great !
Case Green


November 18th, 2023, laibachoid
Interesting mod. I did something similar for PG2 a few years ago but didn\'t finish it. I have enough study material, I couldn\'t find some divisions in the mod. On October 1, the Germans were not ready to attack with full force. The starting line-up was not complete. I can send the materials by email.

Most Recent Chat Messages

ScenarioChat Message
GD1938v3 A Road to WarMay 30th, 2024, ernieschwitz
I have uploaded all the documentation there exists to this point, in an ATZIP file that is available in the scenario bank. I called it GD1938v3 Manuals. It should unpack into the GD1938v3 folder under scenarios, in its own folder.
GD1938v3 A Road to WarMay 30th, 2024, Damien
Is there any documention for this? It seems like quite a few things are changed, so some explanations would be nice.
GD1938v3 A Road to WarFebruary 13th, 2024, ernieschwitz
The New upgrade, 109f, has individual pictures now for riflemen, for each nation and other stuff, like a more advanced officer system.
Operation TrappenjagdDecember 11th, 2023, zovs
When I go to unzip this its asking for a password so I can\'t unzip it and play it. ?
Case GreenNovember 30th, 2023, ernieschwitz
laibachoid: It is a scenario that is now more than 10 years old, in a game I haven\'t touched in quite a few years. While I could probably edit it, after a few tries, and get it right, I probably won\'t. As I recall, it is a what-if scenario. Allowing the Hungarians to get involved too... So already quite ahistoric. Should you want to change it yourself however, feel free to mess around :)
GD1938v3 A Road to WarJune 7th, 2023, ernieschwitz
Ickiestickie Regarding you not liking the image for Infantry units, where we have all SFTs on map have the same picture. Sure it is possible to make them unique for each nation. We pride ourselves on accuracy however. So we\'d need to use the specific type that we mention. So we cannot use just random pictures. With a bit of math we need 98 extra imagines. We have around 1000 currently.
South American WarAugust 8th, 2022, oplot
I think this is very cool, but I\'m kinda annoyed because I was expecting this to be like one of the Peoples Tactics scenarios, where the various sides had different units. I guess Advanced Tactics is harder to modify.
Fastov 1943August 20th, 2021, nikdav
Fixed new v.1.1 scenario download link
War for IndochinaAugust 6th, 2021, lion_of_judah
yes, there are two lion_of_judah and both are mine. try the one with no caps. as there are more scenario\'s under this username. Also I\'ll have to take a look at the indochina one and see what is going on
War for IndochinaAugust 5th, 2021, jhares
i still get error 404 also do you have more at scenarios ??

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