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Here you'll find an overview of anything related to downloading user-made scenarios and modding and scenario design.

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SovietgradYorSteinAT GOLD
ATG Classics (12 Pack)ernieschwitzAT GOLD
Fastov 1943 ver.1.1nikdavDC:ComProj
GD1938v3ernieschwitzAT GOLD
Fastov 1943nikdavDC:ComProj
Barbarossa Map + OOB modnikdavDC:BARB

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ScenarioChat Message
November 1942


July 19th, 2020, kondor999
This is amazing, but it seems incomplete without at least some representation of airpower. Am I missing something?
DC: Barbarossa - Graphic Improvement


July 15th, 2020, nikdav
Very nice graphic upgrade, a must have !
DC: Barbarossa - Graphic Improvement


June 5th, 2020, klzlueylx
Great Module. Graphic has always been VR Design\'s huge problem, with this it can be relieved.


June 3rd, 2020, miv79


May 25th, 2020, alomoes
Tis fun, but it\'s more or less stack up big army, and break through AI. Spend as little on army as possible to tech up faster. There\'s not much \'advanced\' to these tactics.
Case Brown (Tannenbaum Blitz)


April 4th, 2020, letarsier
A really professionnally-made scenario on a what-if rarely encountered, which brings a unique value. I have a great pleasure to play with it, and the options bring an even new flavor to the game. Congratulations for your outstanding work !!
Europe Large Map


January 6th, 2020, Maddoc06
Fantastic Map. The sort of size that makes the game as a European simulation potentially very strategically and tactically interesting. And Epic. There\'s a lot of work in this map. Thanks for sharing it.

Most Recent Chat Messages

ScenarioChat Message
Fastov 1943September 4th, 2020, nikdav
To download the full new 1.1 version you must go to the new scenario entry Fastov 1943 ver.1.1
Fastov 1943August 28th, 2020, nikdav
New Version for Fastov 1943 !
The 2nd Civil War (BETA)July 2nd, 2020, ernieschwitz
Sounds like you need to update the version of ATG you are using. The files are supposed to be in the alt graphics set, which is basically the DC series graphics. They should come with one of the patches for the game.
The 2nd Civil War (BETA)June 29th, 2020, Monty Patton
Hi! Just downloaded your mod. But the ATG menu is stating that there are multiple graphics files that are missing: C:Matrix Games\\Advanced Tactics Gold\\graphics/systemgraphics\\mediumshape.png C:Matrix Games\\Advanced Tactics Gold\\graphics/alt\\plain.png C:Matrix Games\\Advanced Tactics Gold\\graphics/alt/Fields/a1.png (many of these) Is there something else I need to download? Thanks
1941 Fictional ScenarioJune 3rd, 2020, Khanti
It\'s nice to see enlarged version of Volkov To Tichwin. Still small enough for introductory scenario, yet large enough to cover some ground and make possible other tactics than in original work.
Fastov 1943May 15th, 2020, Spellir_74
Well Done! Best I played, next to full campaign of DC Case Blue. Please make more at this Fastov scale.
November 1942January 19th, 2020, Soldaten
I downloaded the scenario and unzipped the file with WinZip and manually placed the two files (graphics and Community scenario) but I am not sure how to open the file. Can you do it through DCBarbarossa? If so, I don’t see the scenario in the menu page of the game. The files are in the game directory. Any help is appreciated.
Nov.1942 patch 1.1August 31st, 2019, MarechalJoffre
I\'m not sure how to install this. What do I do with the .dcx file inside? Do I replace it with 1.0?
November 1942July 1st, 2019, nikdav
The first turn is always very slow, with my 3 laptops (I5, I3, Intel coreduo) it last 5, 6 and 10 minutes to start ! ( there are hundreds of units on a very big map ! )
November 1942June 20th, 2019, ventura1976
I get stuck on \"Preparing AI Initialization - 40%\" every time.

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