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Here you'll find an overview of anything related to downloading user-made scenarios and modding and scenario design.

Keep in mind you need to be logged-in in order to download scenarios and/or the DC:Community Project game. You can do so in the top-right corner. To do this super quick you can use the Facebook and Twitter button there.

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NATO SystemGraphicsweormandAT GOLD
Chinese DiplomacyernieschwitzAT GOLD
Four Seasons Full Graphics PackweormandAT GOLD
ATG-v228b-FormationSymbolMod-Swift, v02AMSwiftAT GOLD
DC: Barbarossa - Graphic ImprovementSotomonteDC:BARB
November 1942nikdavDC:ComProj

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Note that VR would really appreciate it if you take the time yourself to leave a review on the scenarios you tried. I really would like to see more reviews.

ScenarioChat Message
The 2nd Civil War (BETA)


February 5th, 2019, mefaircloth
Very Well Done.
The 2nd Civil War (BETA)


January 19th, 2019, Gary Childress
Great work by one of the community\'s most dedicated and knowledgeable members. Highly recommend it.
November 1942


January 6th, 2019, Alexander
What a beautiful work of art. Only thing missing are airplanes.
November 1942


January 3rd, 2019, demy1942
Hi Nik, I downloaded and some of the graphics didn\'t go through. However, Malwarebytes thought the entire program was malware and sent it to the quarantine zone.
November 1942


December 12th, 2018, Bluesteel
I had same problem as leftydad
November 1942


December 12th, 2018, leftydad
What app is supposed to be used to unpack the file? I couldn\'t find a way to open it.
Fastov 1943


November 18th, 2018, abulbulian@gmail.com
Looks very nice, will play more later and re-score accordingly.

Most Recent Chat Messages

ScenarioChat Message
Fastov 1943January 5th, 2019, Alexander
Where can In see how much fuel I have?
November 1942December 13th, 2018, nikdav
Just download the scenario, open the DC Community project program, first \"import zip\" , and than \"load scenario\"
November 1942December 13th, 2018, nikdav
You must use the DC Community Project program not DC Barbarossa program !
November 1942December 13th, 2018, roy64
I think this is not a Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa mod it\'s an DC : Community Project mod.
November 1942December 12th, 2018, anetcom2
Used game unzip command - says it works but game looks for a dc3 extension and file is a dcx extension. Tried to change download dczip to zip to manually unpack, no difference. Game cannot load a dcx game file. Shame. Install instructions tad vague, to say the least...
November 1942December 12th, 2018, roy64
I couldn\'t get it to work. I\'ve got the Steam version.
Fastov 1943November 18th, 2018, abulbulian@gmail.com
ok, nm, the v.91e is all I needed :)
Fastov 1943November 18th, 2018, abulbulian@gmail.com
ok, using the DCCP community project but it mentioned that this mod was made with .92 and all I can find is .92 of the DCCP. Thought?
Fastov 1943November 17th, 2018, abulbulian@gmail.com
ok, think I found it.. http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3982558
Fastov 1943November 17th, 2018, abulbulian@gmail.com
Where do I get the \'DCCP community project program\'?

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