Shadow Empire Design Snippet #5

Snippet #5: Militias
Another snippet. When you start a new game you’ll start at a low technology and very basic organisational level. Your initial forces will consist of militia’s. Militias are semi-independent volunteer units that reflect your nation is just leaving the dark ages of the apocalypse. The autonomy level of militias helps new players as they will not have to research, build or understand TOEs or OOBs in order to have an initial military. However the militias can be expected to take a backbench role once the player leaves the early game. In mid-game a large government run military organisation is likely to take the spotlight position.

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #4

Snippet #4: Supply network
Here another quick snippet. One illustrating the new supply system. The supply network shown on this snippet had 500 truck points available and used them all up. 490 points to get supplies from a town in the north to the SHQ and 10 points to get supplies from a town to the east to the SHQ. Both towns have food left since there was not enough logistical power to transfer everything. For economy purposes the supply network will be as good as limited to the roads, but units are going to have some organic transport capability which will allow them to pick up supplies from nearby roads. And then there will be naval convoys as well…

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #3

Snippet #3: Trucks running supplies through the wastelands
The logistics systems of Shadow Empire is going to use a completely different approach from that of ATG and DC.

In the latter the HQ units where key and they were casting a supply layer over the map. Quite different is SE. Here the towns or bases that have logistics assets stationed (like a truck station) will cast mini supply layers around them allowing for a certain number of weight points to be transported over hexes in their vicinity. All these tiny spiderwebs are added up to present the player with his total supply network.

It promises to be interesting since the player will have to decide where to invest in his logistical system and how much resources to allocate to any town or base in the first place. This should almost always result in a planning effort needed to sustain a big offensive. As well as ending up with certain weak ‘outback’ areas where the player will be hard pressed to quickly field or supply large armies.

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Why Are My Panzers Guzzling Fuel?

The Germans commenced Barbarossa with inadequate fuel reserves. Even with their stripped down Panzer Divisions, (after France they had halved the number of tanks in each Division in order to double the number of mobile formations), they had only enough fuel for three months of full tempo combat operations.

They had even less ammunition, especially artillery. Barbarossa was all about encircling and defeating the Red Army within their three month window of opportunity. There was no viable plan B beyond this, due to a looming shortage of both fuel and ammunition, which was made clear by their own internal staff assessments. These were ignored by High Command and the Führer.

Despite destroying the bulk of the Soviet Armed Forces in what was arguably the greatest and most successful (in numbers and territory) invasion in the history of warfare it wasn’t enough. That the Germans managed to persevere for as long as they did is a testimony to their tenacity and resourcefulness.

Even so, there were serious logistical issues that arose very early on in the campaign, fuel use being one of them.

The Player receives a decision, “Unexpected Fuel Use” that asks them to decide on the level of operational tempo that they wish to maintain.

General Wagner is, as usual, the bearer of bad tidings. As befits the man in charge of Truck columns, depots and fuel, his missives aren’t there to cheer you up.

Gen. Obst. Guderian, the hard charging Panzer maestro weighs in with an opinion. As it’s his Panzers that are doing all the damage he has a point.



The Reichminister of Economics, Walther Funk pours cold water on any future oil bonanza. Walther is another fun guy who probably drinks warm Schnapps with squinty eyed, flat chested, secretaries on his off days along with his bad news buddy, General Wagner.

There are three options available with the ‘Do Nothing’ being the same as Maintaining the Offensive Momentum.

The options are all variations of trading an offensive bonus off against fuel consumption.


It’s not an easy decision. Aiming to keep your foot firmly on the pedal is a gamble. It’s early in the campaign and it’s the Panzer Divisions offensive punch that enable you to push through enemy lines and race to your objectives.

It’s the option that the German High Command essentially went for. They rolled the dice, hoping that the fuel would last long enough to do the job. It didn’t.

The third option, “Fuel Efficiency is the Key”, is the most interesting. Chose this and you are settling in for the long game. You’re offsetting a wimpy, but still reasonable, blitzkrieg against a more sustainable operational tempo that can be maintained for a longer period. It’s an option that allows you to implement a long term plan knowing that you’ll still have fuel to carry it out.

It offers a different play style to the do or die of ‘Maintain Offensive Momentum”.

With the hindsight of the data available from the Metrics setting, it’s possible to see who aligned themselves with the historical thrust of the German High Command and who opted for the long game?



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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #2

Snippet #2: Ethanis Minor
Shadow Empire is a game situated in the ruins of a once great Galactic Republic. Some planets will sport life, some will not. Like Ethanis Minor shown above. Its atmosphere is non compatible with earth life, nor being a very young planet, has its evolution yet brought forth life of its own. All farming on Ethanis Minor will have to be done under domes and personnel and troops out in the open will have to wear breathing masks at all times.

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #1

Yes, although release is still far off, I am going to start sharing some snippets of my work on Shadow Empire. As you might have already picked up on the forums or through personal correspondence this project has been seeing some heavy weather but I have been back to the sketchboard and as we speak development is under way once more. And with renewed energy and enthusiasm! lets go to the first snippet…

Snippet #1: Araconda Prime
Shadow Empire is a game about Planetary Conquest. The Snippet here is showing a procedurally generated earth-like planet, albeit with quite smaller oceans and subsequently very large desert and steppe areas.

Hope you enjoyed the Snippet!

Thats all? Yes. Its a snippet :) It probably also raises more questions than it answers, but thats hard to avoid at this stage of development. Will post more in the coming weeks.

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