Shadow Empire Design Snippet #8

Snippet #8: Another snippet on procedural planets
And another snippet :) Procedural planet generation consists of several rolls like Planetology, Biosphere and as shown above here: Geology. Lots of land, low windspeeds, little rainfall, this planet is going to have big deserts.

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Shadow Empire Snap Question #1

After seven snippets, time for the first snap question. I am planning to ask some questions like this now and then. I do not promise to follow majority vote but will take note of preferences and comments. So help my intelligence department a bit and don’t hesitate and make your vote!


Which portrait graphics style do you like best? or dislike the least?

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Triumph of the Reich

25 mile hexes europe map – may 1941 start – 35 page manual

Designer ‘icym’ created what can only be called a game within the Advanced Tactics game. The Triumph of the Reich scenario is made for 2 to 5 human players that take control of up to 15 regimes including Germany, USA, USSR, Turkey, Vichy and Persia. Specialized rules include: V-Weapons, Submarine warfare in the Atlantic, scientists, storms, partisans, Atlantic Wall, mines, revised research rules, special actions cards and much much more.

For full info please read the Triumph Players Guide PDF.

My recommendation is that if you like PBEM you should try this scenario out. Download it over here.

For more info and giving your feedback to the designer, please hop over to the Matrix Forums.

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #7

Snippet #7: Alien atmospheres
What do you know? We have reached snippet #7. This one showing that each planet has a unique atmosphere. The planet we see here (Aselir Secundus) has alien life, but the type is not compatible with earth life. With no oxygen in the atmosphere all humans will have to wear breathing apparatus and live and work in sealed locations.

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New Mod: 2nd ‘American’ Civil War 1933

Take charges of one of the major powers of this fictional America: USA, Confederates, Texas, California or Mexico in this free for all fight for domination of America.
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I strongly recommend giving the newest mod by ernieschwitz a spin. I’ll buy you a beer if you win as Mexico ;) You can download it from the scenariobank:

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #6

Snippet #6: Shroud of darkness
And one more snippet. This one just to show that Shadow Empire will have a strong exploration component including a shroud of darkness covering the initial map.

Best wishes,

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