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GD1938 (Gold)10Grande Strategy Gaming at its best. A masterpiece!
The 2nd Civil War (BETA)9I played single player as Texas against the AI (all other nations were set as AI). I really like the set up and flavor of the scenario. Very well done and polished (thus my high rating). Really love the card choices and unit pictures. It looks like the game is not well balanced as the AI quickly overran the US AI, but perhaps Texas was not meant to be played as the human vs. AI? Great work on this scenario. Note: Tried a second game as USA...much better balance vs. AI...very enjoyable!
Age of Napoleon8This is a very nice scenario for PBEM / Human players. It is marked as AI capable, but I played a year into the campaign as Austria and took over all of the German Minor Countries. Other countries did nothing. I\'m guessing there are no scripted events? It would be fun to play vs. Humans. I really like the way the logistics, production and overall feel of the scenario is done.