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The 2nd Civil War (BETA)8Innovative and immersive. The mod has great promise but unfortunately has a couple of fatal errors with no work around. Very much a shame because this is a otherwise very well done mod.
Alternate Random Historical Scenarios version 4.19Great concept. The 1800 masterfile gets stuck in the AI execution screen after a few turns and will not execute the turn. 500AD masterfile seems to work fine...
Global Domination vF6e10Fantastic Empire Building Grand Strategy Scenario. This is a masterpiece! I love the research options and game pace. The AI is decent and the scenario immersive.
European Diplomacy Remastered10Excellent Grand Strategy game. This is my new go to WW2 Grand Strategic ETO game. AI seems very robust. Awesome job!
Ancient Europe10Excellent mod! Thanks for your most excellent design!
GD1938 (Gold)10Grande Strategy Gaming at its best. A masterpiece!
Age of Napoleon8This is a very nice scenario for PBEM / Human players. It is marked as AI capable, but I played a year into the campaign as Austria and took over all of the German Minor Countries. Other countries did nothing. I\'m guessing there are no scripted events? It would be fun to play vs. Humans. I really like the way the logistics, production and overall feel of the scenario is done.