Small General : Eastern Front

This game has been retired for the moment due to incompatibility with higher Android OS versions

About Small General: Eastern Front
Take command of the Eastern Front of World War II in Small General: Eastern Front a new addictive turn-based strategy game from VR Designs for Android! Although Small General: Eastern Front is available anywhere you bring your Android phone or tablet, the scale of these epic clashes between superpowers is anything but small! Launch a powerful invasion of the mother Russia with Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 or battle back the German invaders to the bitter end all the way to May 1945. Both sides are available for play and scenarios range from small, focused objectives to a campaign raging across the whole Eastern Front!

Game Features:
-Great solo challenge against a capable and cunning AI (or AI+ or AI++).
-Based on Small General’s proven game engine that has been hailed by strategy fans.
-Historical units including Rifle, Shock Armies, Panzer Corps and even SS units.
-Manage resources carefully to keep your war machine rolling – raw materials and oil production matter!
-A variety of smaller scenarios as well for some quick strategic action (Leningrad, Stalingrad, Moscow).
-Several accurate and dynamic historical events modeling things like the initial Soviet shock in 1941 and German initial lack of preparation for winter warfare.
-Very suitable for tablet play too. Not only phones!
-Hotseat gaming possible as well – now it’s possible to review the enemy’s previous turn.
-Play as either the Germans or Soviets.
-Minor Axis Nations (Hungarians, Romanians, Italians and Finnish) simulated as well.
-Simulates corps level combat throughout the whole Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945 – Win quickly or see the tables turn as Soviet production slowly builds up.

Improvements to Eastern Front over the original Small General:
-New and faster AI to deal with the much larger campaign scenario
-Winter and mud season now simulated – deal with the logistical challenges of adverse weather and hindered mechanized movement.
-New statistics overview screen
-New and improved graphics

Game Requirements:
-Android 2.3 or later
-Also for Android tablets
-Minimum 480×800 screen resolution or higher
-Use the Small General DEMO to check how your phone handles the game before buying

25 Responses to Small General : Eastern Front

  1. gabeeg says:

    One thing I would love to see in the Small General series would be better/more complex attack rules that included stack attacks (so we could have combined arms attacks, and numerical advantage, etc.). I enjoy the games but the fact that I can only attack with one chit at a time against the strongest unit in the enemy stack is very limiting…and frustrating.

  2. vic says:


    I understand your request. But keep in mind that the game gives you a +1 bonus for each extra side you attack from. So if you attack from 4 directions the fourth attack will have a +4 bonus.

  3. grahamsh says:

    Small General was a good game and Eastern Front is even better.
    I look forward to more in the series.
    I agree with those looking for more complexity and I would very much like some similar full format games for Android tablets. I would think that a scaled down version of Advanced Tactics would work well on the 10″ tablets.

    My biggest wish for Small General and Eastern Front is please, please allow us to select units in stacks for upgrades and strategic movement. Not being able to do this is very frustrating – particularly if you just created the stack by moving another unit in that turn!

  4. vic says:


    You can already do so. Just click on a stack, select a unit inside the stack by clicking on its icon in the top, and once selected click it again to bring its options (upgrade,transfer) to the front.


  5. 0kult13 says:

    Love SMEF, the weather and events add loads more dynamic to the gameplay, really like the partisans, resistance is so ofter overlooked in wargames. My only ask and its a bit lame is battle animations like in advance wars. nothing to fancy but its nice to watch a little split screen battle.

  6. diegoperez says:

    Scenarios turns limits should be an players option.

  7. fussyoldgamer says:

    Dang it Vic you caused me a lot of trouble today :)

    First I downloaded SG Eastern Front, then I figured oh hell in for a penny in for a pound, so I got the full version of original Small General rather than settle for just the demo. And the next thing you know I have also wandered Google and grabbed a few other guys wargames and 3 other rpg games.

    I wasn’t wanting to drag my credit card in to Google land :) But your game was just to tempting :) And then I figured well I might as well just buy a few games and get it out of my system.

    You just cost me my next months allowance hehe. But I now have some good games for my tablet thanks to you I suppose.

    Are you planning on any other Small General concepts?

  8. MikeC says:

    Scenario turn limits would b a good idea – am struggling to win Moscow 1941 as Soviets since it goes on forever…:)

  9. MikeC says:

    There seems to be a bug or 2 in Case Blue – I’ve used up over 150 oil in a single turn as the USSR with 2 Tank Corps in play. Also winning units sometimes take a step loss – I haven’t paid enough attention to the combat results in the later case to identify whether that is actually mentioned in the combat results or not though …I guess it might be a feature??

  10. vic says:

    Hi Mike,

    The dissapearing oil is worrysome. You played with 1.3 right? The Soviets can lose a step loss if they attack with Shock Armies, its a feature.


  11. MikeC says:

    Ah – I didn’t see the step loss thing in the documentation….that explains it. The only version info I have is 1.05 in the “Intro & News”. The description in the App store says it is 1.05b…..ah – just had a look at the app data on the phone – yes it is 1.3 – you might want to make that visible somewhere in the game? I’m running it on a Samsung SIII which says it is running Android 4.1.2

  12. MikeC says:

    Just started up a saved game of Barbarossa & lost 150 or so oil as the Axis in a turn. Is it possible to retrieve and send a saved game?? It doesn’t happen every time I replay that turn, but I am happy to do so if I can.

    Also another surprise – Odessa and Riga seem to be always in supply even if cut off from the rest of Russia?

  13. vic says:

    Hi Mike,

    The oil is very worysome, i had this issue before, but am having big problems to pinpoint the cause. Save game mailing are a no-no since its very hard for you to extract them or me to place them back, but if you have any clue of the difference in moves between it happening it could be insightful in fixing it.

    Furthermore thanks to bringing this to my attention. Its on the list for fixing.

    The Odessa and Riga hexes by the way… they get their supply overseas. Take Leningrad to really cut Riga of, and Sevastopol to cut Odessa of.


  14. MikeC says:

    I see I got an update last night – anything interesting?? :)

    WRT Riga and Odessa – oh – right. Makes sense for Odessa, since hte Red Navy was the power in the Black Sea and they did supply the city. But I have to suggest that it probably is not historically justifiable for Riga as hte Red Navy in the north was not a very strong force and was probably incapable of any such supply in 1941.

  15. diegoperez says:

    What is new SG series game?… modern warfare?, would be fantastic!!!.

  16. Layndarat says:

    Gday, I have found that Panzergrenadier units cannot be rebuilt to full strength when they have taken a loss. Any way you could fix this and post an update? Thank you

  17. vic says:

    Thanks for reporting this issue. Weird it slipped through and my apoligies. Anyway I put it on top of the to-do list, but it could take a few weeks due to the fact that I am just in the process of moving my Android Apps to the Slitherine App Store and its difficult at the moment to make an update.

    Best wishes,

  18. Rodney says:

    I suggest adding ability within game to send saved game to developer.
    I would add that to Shadow Empire & all old engines you continue to support, to make your life easier.

  19. Mannstein says:

    i am not sure whether this game is still under developement, but some comments.
    I rated this game on the play store, and while i basically liked this game, i gave only two stars for the following reasons, just copy and paste from my google play rating:

    While the basic game Small General is fairly good, this one is, due to the different
    theatre, definetily not:
    -AI fails on german and soviet side, does not break pockets and creates none, no flank protection so its easy etc. German AI fails to take Riga, Odessa and even Minsk and Kiev in 1941!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -unhistorical: German and soviet units are equally strong, germany should have stronger but less units, ingame germany has more units most of the time -soviet-german unit production ratio is wrong, when germany conquers the western part of the soviet union, SU looses most production points so it cant steamroll the germans as it historically happened
    -even if all odds are on your side, you are often not able to break the enemy line (3 panzer korps stopped by a single soviet infantry unit are they all drunken or what?) -enourmous energy consumption. A processor performance test requires less energy, so you cant play this game for a longer time without reloading
    All in all, there are better Eastern Front games for Android, especially from Jooni Nuutinen (just type into the search bar)

    The game has a lot of potential, but you feel that it is still in beta.

  20. vic says:


    Thanks for the feedback. Agree that there is quite some space for improvement. (as usual)

    But not sure I will do further development on this title. At least this year.

    If you are looking for a better east front experience though you might want take a look a the upcoming DC: Barbarossa

    best wishes,

  21. Mannstein says:

    Hello sry for the late replay, i just forgot i left a message here.
    I am sorry if i criticiced too harsh or rude, but my english is just not good enough to be super polite.
    What i really liked in the game is that odessa is supplied until Sevastopol falls. Thats a really good detail so the player has the historical troubles of taking a well defended odessa, but can cut of odessa through a sevastopol siege.
    The game has a lot of potential, but it feels too ww1 like with frontlines which can become very static and have to be pierced ww1 like with masses of artillery (alternatice strategy is a very dee breakthrough the AI cant handle).
    German AI tends to keep a lot of units behind the line, so many panzer divisions will never see a battle.
    Its also a problem that units disappear if they have to withdraw and there are only 3 unit stacks around so they would have to withdraw more then one hex to avoid overstacks.
    All in all, the game feels like a beta version with need of much improvement.
    That doesnt mean the game cant make fun, but it has so much more potential.
    Yours sincerely

  22. Mannstein says:

    The basic game small general is in contrast very good if you see it as a game and not as a simulation. In my opinion, thanks to different game mechanics/unit types/landscape AI does much better there.
    Maybe i should also add that in Op. Barb. some scenarios are impossable to win against a human player, especially Leningrad scenario, or unrealistic like moscow scenari.
    On the other hand, i can understand if your focus currently is on other games than this little one.

  23. vic says:

    Hi Mannstein,

    Thank you for the feedback. You are quite right in guessing my focus has moved on a bit. If you have a PC you might want to check out DC:Barbarossa. None the less the Small General games proved a very interesting experiment in minimalism that is going to have an ongoing effect on my future PC designs.

    Best wishes,

  24. Donczirr says:

    With the newer generation of iPADs, we see some AAA productions like Rome Total War making the port over to IOS from PC and being commercially successful.

    Any hope of VR Designs stepping back into mobile market and producing a product somewhere in between the Small General series and the PC based DC Games?

  25. RustyPanzer says:

    This and its predecessor were genuinely good phone games while still having real depth, unlike most hex wargames on the Android store which were too complex or unwieldly to play on phone. Hope you resurrect or open-source them so they can live on.

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