Small General : Eastern Front

This game has been retired for the moment due to incompatibility with higher Android OS versions

About Small General: Eastern Front
Take command of the Eastern Front of World War II in Small General: Eastern Front a new addictive turn-based strategy game from VR Designs for Android! Although Small General: Eastern Front is available anywhere you bring your Android phone or tablet, the scale of these epic clashes between superpowers is anything but small! Launch a powerful invasion of the mother Russia with Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 or battle back the German invaders to the bitter end all the way to May 1945. Both sides are available for play and scenarios range from small, focused objectives to a campaign raging across the whole Eastern Front!

Game Features:
-Great solo challenge against a capable and cunning AI (or AI+ or AI++).
-Based on Small General’s proven game engine that has been hailed by strategy fans.
-Historical units including Rifle, Shock Armies, Panzer Corps and even SS units.
-Manage resources carefully to keep your war machine rolling – raw materials and oil production matter!
-A variety of smaller scenarios as well for some quick strategic action (Leningrad, Stalingrad, Moscow).
-Several accurate and dynamic historical events modeling things like the initial Soviet shock in 1941 and German initial lack of preparation for winter warfare.
-Very suitable for tablet play too. Not only phones!
-Hotseat gaming possible as well – now it’s possible to review the enemy’s previous turn.
-Play as either the Germans or Soviets.
-Minor Axis Nations (Hungarians, Romanians, Italians and Finnish) simulated as well.
-Simulates corps level combat throughout the whole Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945 – Win quickly or see the tables turn as Soviet production slowly builds up.

Improvements to Eastern Front over the original Small General:
-New and faster AI to deal with the much larger campaign scenario
-Winter and mud season now simulated – deal with the logistical challenges of adverse weather and hindered mechanized movement.
-New statistics overview screen
-New and improved graphics

Game Requirements:
-Android 2.3 or later
-Also for Android tablets
-Minimum 480×800 screen resolution or higher
-Use the Small General DEMO to check how your phone handles the game before buying

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