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Case BlueFullname is Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue. This historical wargame covers Operation Trappenjagd, the 2nd battle for Kharkov, Case Blue and Operation Uranus. Its focus is on historical realism, good AI, nice graphics and ease of play. It has been published and released by Matrix Games. For more information visit the product page at Matrix Games.

Review on PC4WAR
4 out of 5 points.
Link: http://www.net4war.com/pc4war/numeros/pc4war58.php#07

Review on GrogHeads
Posted: 6 SEP 2012
“GrogHeads is pleased to induct Decisive Campaigns Case Blue into the Order of the Hex, for Accessible Accuracy. Case Blues East Front detail doesn’t short grogs seeking accuracy, but packages its gameplay in a sleek and solid interface.”
Link: http://grogheads.com/rev-dccb.html

Review on Dome.fi (Finnish)
Posted: 21 AUG 2012
“Really good value for strategy gamers, highly recommended to any World War II general.”
Link: http://dome.fi/pelit/arvostelut/decisive-campaigns-case-blue

Review on GamersHall (German)
Posted: 20 AUG 2012
88% – Silver Award! – “Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue comes up with a lot of new features and improvements that enhance the gaming experience compared to the critically acclaimed predecessor, a new level. We have here undoubtedly a winner!”
Link: http://www.gamershall.de/index.php?p=articles&area=1&action=displayarticle&id=138&name=decisive-campaignscase-blue

Review on Wargamer Gazette (French)
Posted: 8 AUG 2012
“Say it right now, with Case Blue is a very pleasant surprise that awaits lovers of wargames as additions are many.”
Link: http://www.wargamer.fr/test-de-decisive-campaigns-case-blue/

Review on outofeight.info
Posted: 28 JUL 2012
“…the handful of unique features makes it stand out in the genre.”
Link: http://www.outofeight.info/2012/07/decisive-campaigns-case-blue-review.html

14 Responses to DC : Case Blue

  1. fussyoldgamer says:

    Vic someone has to be in first place in as much as wargame design is concerned, and I see no reason why it can’t be you lately.

    The only reason I am not currently playing Case Blue, is I have bought myself too many games lately and I am merely trying to dicsipline myself :)

    But it is clearly what I think wargaming should be about where designs are concerned for this scale.

  2. Curial says:

    I’ve started a campaign Case Blue (Full).
    German-Romanian forces have captured Sevastopol.
    What becomes the 11th German army and the Romanian forces after capturing the city ?
    Historically, the 11th German army was sent to the Leningrad sector.

  3. vic says:

    Its been debated a lot, but the 11th Army stays with you. Historically part of 11th Army was indeed sent to Leningrad, but to avoid gamey techniques and non-historical plays (like using 11th army to take Rostov instead of Sevastopol) you’ll always stay in charge of 11th Army and will not be punished for taking the Crimea.

  4. Curial says:

    Ok, thanks. The 11th Army will remain in the Crimea.

  5. Steve says:

    great game loving it good mix detailand playability

  6. Steve says:

    Great Game taken astrakhan and holding the volga line.
    Late october and i am one or two panzer marches from Baku so hopefully a win
    Taken and lost Saratov but got over confident and 4th panzer army nearly wiped out
    in a massive soviet counter attack.
    Only thing i found surprising was how fast i was able to use the russian railway system , fine with me but did it really get operational so fast .. i guess that far south east they didnt change the gauge and just used russian wagons and trains
    Hey ho if i take baku its game over for a win

  7. emanuele267 says:

    Hi everyone, is it possible install inside the game the new scenario Serbian Campaign 1915? if yes how can I do?

  8. vic says:

    Hi Emanuele,

    You need to download and install the DC:Community Project.


    This game can play the scenario.

    Best wishes,

  9. emanuele267 says:

    Thankyou I have donwloaded the program, but I m not be able to install new scenario Serbian 1915. Can you help me ?
    Thank you again

  10. vic says:

    its simple…
    you donwload the Serbian 1915 scenario to your desktop. DO NOT UNZIP IT.

    Then start DC:ComProj and click on IMPORT ZIP… select the Serbian 1915 file on your desktop. It will then get installed.

    Then click “LOAD SCENARIO” and select the Serbian scenario.

    Best wishes,

  11. emanuele267 says:

    Thankyouuuuuuu, now everything work fine.
    Your game is very beautifull
    This is my first approach to it.
    Great job

  12. Waffen3272 says:

    Is it possible to change the limit of nato counters from 224 to higher. Adding unit insignia to all units and you can only add 224, and I am unable to find the location to change the number to something around 250 to 280.
    Thank you in advance!

  13. Spellir_74 says:

    As I have said before elsewhere, DC: Case Blau is the best regiment strategy game I’ve played. Specifically the full campaigns.

    Here I want to add, that I have just played “DC, Com Proj *Fastov*”. It is the best mid size Regi-deploy strateg I have played. Well done.

    To that scenario’s creator:
    More in the pipe line? (Specifically with air power included?)

    Also “Com Proj *Tichwin*” is the best beginner scenario of the DC: Case Blau engine, the ‘DC: CB’ included scenarios (Voronezh, [drive south*], etc) being too hard for beginners, with some scenes also incomplete compared to the campaign features. [* I forget the 5-mission campaign /city name; it has been years since I played the engine, just beginning it again with Fastov.]

  14. Michael T says:


    I like the game overall but it rains too much in summer. I think its 25% chance of rain/mud in July /August. Is there a way to change that parameter?

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