Shadow Empire

After years of development Shadow Empire has been released on the 4th of june 2020.

Shadow Empire is an immersive 4x game, putting players as leaders of small cities on random-generated planets, besieged by threats of all kind and forced to gather every imaginable natural resource in order to survive. Face the post-apocalypse, rebuild civilization and write your own destiny!

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Shadow Empire (updated) review on
“Shadow Empire is the most original and in-depth strategy game we’ve seen since Distant Worlds: Universe, blending terrestrial sci-fi 4X with wargaming and including some incredibly engaging mechanics with high quality procedurally generated content. The learning curve is steep, but the most complex systems can be automated or only become important to micromanage on higher difficulty settings. A truly fantastic title that will provide many hours of war-filled fun for players who enjoy deep gaming experiences.”

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“Shadow Empire looks set to achieve our highest score of eXemplary as it clearly innovates in multiple areas, pushing forwards the genre in bold new directions, with an incredible amount of deep, well designed systems and extraneous fine detail that only adds to the overall experience. Do not miss this game! “

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“a rewarding world of wonder awaits you. 5 out of 5 stars!”

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” If you’re interested in 4X games, or even more into traditional wargames and want to see something that gives greater weight to the consequences of combat, give Shadow Empire a try. There’s really been nothing like it in quite a long time and I doubt we’ll see it’s like again. “

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” Due to procedural generation, artificial intelligence, and overall complexity, the game is immersive and has extreme replayability. “

Review on
” Dire que je suis impressionné par Shadow Empire est un euphémisme. C’est le genre de jeu auquel vous pensez quand vous n’y jouez pas. Celui qui, une fois qu’il vous a accroché, va vous donner ce petit goût de « un tour de plus » ou « si je relançais une partie sur une planète différente ? ». “

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