Shadow Empire

After years of development Shadow Empire has been released on the 4th of june 2020.

Shadow Empire is an immersive 4x game, putting players as leaders of small cities on random-generated planets, besieged by threats of all kind and forced to gather every imaginable natural resource in order to survive. Face the post-apocalypse, rebuild civilization and write your own destiny!

Can be purchased over at my publisher, Matrix Games:

The DLC Oceania extends the Core Game to include the full spectrum of Planets (notably Planets with large oceans):

Check out the full 300+ page manual here:

Check out the OST here:

Shadow Empire (updated) review on
“Shadow Empire is the most original and in-depth strategy game we’ve seen since Distant Worlds: Universe, blending terrestrial sci-fi 4X with wargaming and including some incredibly engaging mechanics with high quality procedurally generated content. The learning curve is steep, but the most complex systems can be automated or only become important to micromanage on higher difficulty settings. A truly fantastic title that will provide many hours of war-filled fun for players who enjoy deep gaming experiences.”

What to eXpect on
“Shadow Empire looks set to achieve our highest score of eXemplary as it clearly innovates in multiple areas, pushing forwards the genre in bold new directions, with an incredible amount of deep, well designed systems and extraneous fine detail that only adds to the overall experience. Do not miss this game! “

Review on
“a rewarding world of wonder awaits you. 5 out of 5 stars!”

Review on
” If you’re interested in 4X games, or even more into traditional wargames and want to see something that gives greater weight to the consequences of combat, give Shadow Empire a try. There’s really been nothing like it in quite a long time and I doubt we’ll see it’s like again. “

Review on
” Due to procedural generation, artificial intelligence, and overall complexity, the game is immersive and has extreme replayability. “

Review on
” Dire que je suis impressionné par Shadow Empire est un euphémisme. C’est le genre de jeu auquel vous pensez quand vous n’y jouez pas. Celui qui, une fois qu’il vous a accroché, va vous donner ce petit goût de « un tour de plus » ou « si je relançais une partie sur une planète différente ? ». “

17 Responses to Shadow Empire

  1. solops says:

    I detest Civ 5 (which I own with all the DLC…I tried to like it, I really did) and games like it because it only allows one unit per hex. Unless the “one unit” is a container that I can mix and match combat troops into as I see fit, I will pass on any games with this design feature.

  2. vic says:

    Used to be same opinion as you. But I think its possible to design around the downsides of 1 unit per hex. I think you read it, but fur the other readers I expand upon it over here:

  3. vic says:

    Just to update that comment from 2014. I switched the design back to stacking.

  4. beltsman says:

    Good, please stick with stacking! It is the best concept!

  5. lion_of_judah says:

    is it too late to join beta testing for this game

  6. vic says:

    Nope. But I did not even get to alpha test stage yet :)

  7. basilhare says:

    I read thru your SE Dev Posts and am intrigued. I have to say that ATG has been one of the more enjoyable strategy games I have played on the PC in years. As such, looking forward to SE in a big way. I very much like the FOW/Shroud/Exploration/Procedural mechanisms that you describe in the posts. Also like the low tech start and the research element that you describe. It sounds like an immersive game with loads of flavor and atmosphere. Will continue to monitor with interest!

    PS: The counter artwork in snippet #10 is amazing!

  8. vic says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll try not to dissapoint you :)

  9. Jason says:

    Was really hoping for another Decisive Campaign : Operation Barbarossa, but with both Western and Eastern Front, is this in future plans ?

  10. vic says:

    I might do another Decisive Campaigns game after Shadow Empire. But I’ll make the decision after release. So far I have always felt like doing a historical game after a fictional one and vice-versa :) Anyway if I do a new DC series game after it will probably be either Ardennes at battalion/regimental scale or regimental/divisional the whole 1944 to end of war west + east.

  11. Jason says:


    DC: Op. Barbarossa is the one game I enjoy the most out of everything. Especially the Role Playing aspect, where you have to actually think about other stuff than just moving your troops, its the greatest combo ever seen in a war game ( in my opinion ). When I have to take a decision, I often find myself going to look on Wikipedia who is that General and read about them for 30 minutes before going back to the game and take my decision. Just today, I was searching for Wilhelm Keitel and ending up spending one hour reading about Operation Valkyrie.

    I love reading David Glantz’s book on the eastern front and than launching Operation Barbarossa on the game. What could be great also is to recreate Stalingrad and its surrounding on a divisional scale. Put with the Role Playing element. I would be in heaven.

    But I like your idea about the Ardenne to the end of the war. That would be great too. Hopefully you make it with the Role Playing element. DC:Op. Barbarossa is the only one I played from the game you makes because of it. Im unsure about buying the other titles seeing as there is no element of Role Playing. I might try them one day when I have the money for it though.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your work and I am thankful that you made the game, and that you might continue with the DC series. I wont hold you up any longer, have a great day :)

  12. Khanti says:

    “I switched the design back to stacking.”
    Thanks. It seems that this game could be playable now ;)

  13. khan360 says:

    Hello Vic,

    Compulsive ATG player here. Any updates on Shadow Empire’s tentative release? Can I please get a testing version?

    Thanks for the amazing work guys :)

  14. Stephen Weatherman says:

    Got the game a couple of days ago. I start the game and it loads all the various stuff and the intro video starts and gets to the start game page. When I click start new game the game crashes and I get drooped back to my main screen. No error message.

  15. Slawomir says:

    This is the best game I have ever played!


  16. Meishashier says:

    Hi, is there any plan for translation? You don’t need to pay for a translator. You can just publish some text files like what Paradox Interactive does, then players will release their translation patches for free.

  17. kpolovinko says:

    Is there any plans on porting this marvelous game on Mac?

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