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GD1938 (Gold)

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Human Only
2017-03-26 13:38:47

ww2, global domination, diplomacy, Strategic

Global Domination 1938. (v.2.23s) The world is about to enter world war 2. What will happen next? Who will conquer the world, and achieve Global Domination. This scenario is a world war 2 game. It has its own unique set of units, and rules. It is meant to be played as a multiplayer game, with up to 8 sides.

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Player Feedback

10Grande Strategy Gaming at its best. A masterpiece!
basilhare, May 22nd, 2017, Rev#36
10High point in global multiplayer PBEM world war 2!
vic, April 23rd, 2016, Rev#26
10Great Game so far. We have a 8 player game into the 19th turn and it moving along very well. I was playing USA and China until Bombur took over as China. One suggestion that I have is to look into the economic capabilities of the USA. In our game it is still only 1939 but the USA is at 175% production, annexes are being built every month, troops are being raised and major ships are being built. I think this may be unrealistic given the political situation in the USA in 1939.
Marius, October 2nd, 2015, Rev#23
9+ Excellent scenario with redone ATG rules + Different wargame than standard ATG + Meaningful diplomacy with minors + Unique and different victory conditions + Special action cards + Sensible techs + Many start options + Individualized units for regimes - lots of unique units + Someone noticed that Soviets historically entered ww2 declaring war on Poland in 1939 + Poland can be allied diplomatically by Germany as Germany tried historically / Danzig or War was plan B
Khanti, June 1st, 2015, Rev#22
9Love this scenario. I believe it is probably the best global conflict simulation set in WW2 for ATG Gold. I\'ve made some modifications for my own use. Most of the unit images have been replaced with examples shown here: http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o648/W8taminute/GD1938screen1_zps891c1ba2.jpg and here: http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o648/W8taminute/GD1938screen2_zps99057d28.jpg
W8taminute, December 5th, 2014, Rev#20
10Wonderful game, the varying paths to victory, and the personalities of the players make each game a new experience. This system is a remarkable host to diverse scenarios, and this is on a big scale, and tons of fun. Download it and hurry over to the Matrix page to see if a game is forming up.
cpdeyoung, April 17th, 2014, Rev#17
10I give this a 10, though I may be a little biased :) Amazing scenario and mod.
krafty, April 11th, 2012, Rev#4

Scenario Chatbox

PlayerChat MessagePost Date
KhantiSteevodeevo, you can easily play GD in single player mode. You just need change in editor AI possibilities of war declaration to number greater than zero ;) And of course, forget about using cards. AFAIK AI does not use them.June 4th, 2016
steevodeevoSounds great. I wonder, will there ever be a single player with AI opponent?May 26th, 2016
ernieschwitzUpgrades to the scenario will not cause any changes in a current running game. That is some graphics may be upgraded, but nothing else changes. The current game you will be running will still be the same version number as that it started our being.January 7th, 2016
MariusEarnie We have two games in progress using version 221g. I see we now have version 221s available. Can we upgrade while we have games in progress or must we wait until the games are finished?January 3rd, 2016
MariusThanks Ernie I did upgrade and the problem with adding annexes no longer occurs. It took months for the three cities that I initially upgrade to recover their production but otherwise the game was unaffected by the upgrade with the game in progress. Is there any way to skip a players turn if the player in question is not responding? October 31st, 2015
ernieschwitzHey Marius. This is resolved if you download the most recent patch of ATG. Anything above v. 220c should do, I believe. Thanks for playing the game.September 6th, 2015
MariusWe(8 players0 are in turn 9 of a GD1938v221 game. We have discovered that city production goes to zero when an annex is built. The city does recover production in subsequent turns. I am told this is a bug that has been solved. What version has the fix? Can the fix be implemented on a game in progress? Will cities eventually recover all of their production including the annex addition?August 16th, 2015
KhantiPart two of review: - Still some generic units (I want them all individualized, maybe without trucks and trains). - No TOE (but can be done in editor). - Not every unit picture is great ;)June 1st, 2015
KhantiW8taminute - please just upload your modified version. Looks interesting form my point of view. Ernieschwitz - I understand.May 21st, 2015
W8taminuteContinuation from my score and comment. Another modification I\'ve made to this wonderful scenario has to do with where certain units can be manufactured. As an added challenge most of the major equipment can only be manufactured if the ppl type matches the current regime turn or if ppl type = \'factory people\'. (i.e. PzK II\'s can only be built in cities with ppl type German).December 5th, 2014
ernieschwitzHi Hanti. Thanks for taking a look at the Scenario! Supply trucks are meant to work that way, just like trains. The idea is that you have some trucks dedicated to LANDTRANS, and some to ordinary transport. I agree with the B/W Colorphotos issue. I will look at it. As for the individualization, it is on purpose that some are and some are not. Only if somehting was special does it get an own SFT.December 14th, 2013
KhantiSupply trucks carry less supply than they consume ;) They looks useless as supply vehicles. They are good only in LANDTRANSPORT. There are mix of black-white/color photos. I would prefer all in one theme. It looks like author started to individualize equipment (Me-109D, Pz-IIC) but haven\'t finished it (Heavy Bomber II, Armored Car II).October 9th, 2013

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