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Europe 1933
Drive on Smolensk v1.03h
XX century graphics update
The Russian Front v.2


A New Dawn DCCP 227g9Great thing. It really shines with TOE/model features ATG now has. Graphics of terrain plus units unites perfectly. That should be ATG standard. All older scenarios could be updated with that one. The only drawback is ATG does not model airplanes (only vehicles). Or I am missing something.
Europe 200x200 V57My 2 cents: it\'s too detailed on the west part (with whole Iceland Republic) but south of it, there is it only sea (as in reality). But you don\'t have important places east of Rostov (on Black Sea). The same for northern part (detailed Scandinavia) and lack of few hexes of deep land in Mediterranean in Africa. Another issue are straits (Dardanelle, Gibraltar, Kattegat). If you allow sailing there (no city/port in the middle of it) then in game terms they do not fulfill their role. HTH.
The Russo-Finnish Winter War 1939-19409Wow, you can NOT produce troops here ;) Anyway well done battle scenario. Specific units, specific graphics and briefing and even sound files. A very pleasant and elegant small scale scenario, yet you can still play 105 turns. Detailed units up to battalion level with specific number of soldiers and own level HQs. I only think there is too many Soviet staff troops (like 205% in some cases - 49th Rifle Div).
GD1938 (Gold)9+ Excellent scenario with redone ATG rules + Different wargame than standard ATG + Meaningful diplomacy with minors + Unique and different victory conditions + Special action cards + Sensible techs + Many start options + Individualized units for regimes - lots of unique units + Someone noticed that Soviets historically entered ww2 declaring war on Poland in 1939 + Poland can be allied diplomatically by Germany as Germany tried historically / Danzig or War was plan B
Ostfront Map9Map is indeed 16 km per hex. I tried Berlin-Moscow distance (96 hexes, 1600 kilometers). I did not try to test everything on map - it\'s too huge t actually make it without real scenario. Why not 10? Because there are some names on map that should be different. I don\'t know why Polish cities are spelled in Russian for instance.
Europa Road To War7ERTW v1 looks promising. The most interesting feature is its alternate history set, which is nice addition after all those historic scenarios. Unit set and values are similar to stock ATG, what is sad. It is divisional level game, so all those machine guns/mortars/SMG infantry should be included into infantry regiments/battalions. AI behaves strangely: Western Allies builds tons of single ship fleets and sends them against enemies (cargo ships to be specific). But scenario plays well anyway;)
ETO-Gold8Plus - map, theme, work done, manpower resource used, historic unit names, industry and neutrality cards. Minus - some units inconsistencies, peoples and regimes mistakes, Italian units produced by German cities, misspelled Polish unit names ;) - need some more work still. Example: Sdkfz 251 has no stack points and is rear unit, but similar Sdkfz 232 has 5 stack points and is front line unit.
Ostfront9A brilliant scenario. A good map. Very detailed country-specific units. Black-white pictures of equipment. Good OOB. Tons of units. My favourite. It has only one drawback: missing AI. If anytime it will become AI capable - it will rule ;)
Barbarossa 1941 -19457Have good potential. But many stacks are overpowered (mostly by fact many AFV has 40-60 power points). Needs few tweaks and will be ok. And will be good to translate it into english from german language ;)
Operation Barbarossa7This download contains only pt2 file. You can include graphics folder IF you will change 24 bit format to 8 bit. Then it will stay under 5 MB limit.
WaW Revised U4 Beta9Keep up the good work. I like new victory conditions and events.