Sketch of design plans for Shadow Empire v2

First of all thank you all for your continued feedback. I wish you all good health and happiness for 2024.

Last summer I shared my design plans for Shadow Empire. Last December the v1.25 Hardships & Hazards update has been released as the new mainline release version. So at least I stuck to part of my planning giving me a small increase on my Word score. That being said…

I gotta lot of stuff on my plate in 2024. Mostly personal: moving house and a family extension, but I also want to start finishing a next Decisive Campaigns title.

Now the family extension is going to play havoc with my work schedule and that’s the reason why I decided to scrap the DLC plans from the previous plan v1 and go for a bit of a different approach instead.

The idea behind this new approach is that I can work on more bite-sized chunks for a good while until things settle down for me. The downside is the ambition level is a little bit lower, but the upside is that there will be much more meaningful updates in the near future.

Now please do remember that I am sharing my plans with the community, but that you have to be aware these are plans and not promises. They are prone to change. I think we can set the likelihood of the plan above being executed, all the way to the end, without modification, is probably around 33%.

Best wishes and good gaming,


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3 Responses to Sketch of design plans for Shadow Empire v2

  1. eddieballgame says:

    Vic, if you do nothing else for/to this great game, I will not be disappointed. I have received so much enjoyment for the little bit I paid for it, that from here on out…all is just a bonus. Thank you

  2. ernieschwitz says:

    Congratulations on the family extension :)

  3. Kat0she4ka says:

    I would’ve 100% bought Militaria if it came out as DLC with even more deep features

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