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SE v1.25 Hazards & Hardships Update!

At the moment of writing, it is now more than three years since the original and initial Matrix release of Shadow Empire. The number of patches, additions and upgrades applied to Shadow Empire since release have been staggering in quantity … Continue reading

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SE Portrait style poll

Hi all, Got a few weeks while I am still fine tuning the latest and rather enormous balance-difficulty changes to the open beta… so right now I am picking up the new portrait graphics where I left them before the … Continue reading

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Advanced Tactics Development Poll

As some of you might have noticed a new AT update has been shaping up in the open beta (Matrix & Steam). It will soon(ish) be released as the new release version. This is all courtesy by Phoenix Team / … Continue reading

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Pymous Shadow Empire Vidcom Artpack

Big thanks to Pymous! Pymous, the well known modder, who also did the great Strategem Artpack, has recently released a HD sized graphical mod that replaces the vanilla Shadow Empire Vidcom screens. Surf to the Matrix forums for more info: … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire v1.21 (d) released

Version 1.21d has gone out of open beta and is now the current release version. Big thanks to everybody that has been helping me out with testing the open beta’s! I have been focusing development on addressing a number of … Continue reading

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Sketch of my design plan for Shadow Empire

Hi folks, Mid April I did a poll and said I would share an outline of my Shadow Empire development plans with you in a few weeks time. Well that took me a bit longer, due to various reasons. But … Continue reading

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