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Advanced Tactics Phoenix Version just made it to Open Beta!

Advanced Tactics is the breakthrough wargame-4X that has been going strong ever since its release in 2008 and upgrade to Advanced Tactics Gold in 2011. Combining random scenario generation with solid wargaming and 4X empire building. Recent releases like that … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #32

There has been a lot of work on other game projects like Ardennes Offensive (and its sequel) and strangely enough Advanced Tactics too, but also on sketching out some grand new plans for a revolutionary new future title. Amidst all … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #31

Shadow Empire has been officially upgraded to v1.10.04 a week or two ago on all platforms. I am now focusing more and more attention to developing the next big feature. I think I can reveal the topic by now: Its … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #30

Just a quick word on Shadow Empire. The plan is to release the current open beta v1.10.0X in early January as the new release version. Best to not release it while my publisher is on holidays, hence the small delay. … Continue reading

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Decisive Campaigns : Ardennes Offensive is released!

Fullname is Decisive Campaigns : Ardennes Offensive. A game taking the series in a new direction. Developed together with Davide Gambina. It covers the Ardennes Offensive 1944-1945 and other battles on the western front in the same time period. Buy … Continue reading

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Ardennes Offensive release in 2 weeks!

The Decisive Campaigns series is about to head in a new fresh direction with the fourth installment in the series moving to battalion-level scale. For this game I teamed up with Davide Gambina and the result is one hell of … Continue reading

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