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Shadow Artpack Mod

Pymous made a great art Mod for Shadow Empire. Over 140 new Stratagem artworks will give you a completely fresh experience when playing with them! Get this Art Mod over here: And do not forget… if you’d like to … Continue reading

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Much improved Critters in Shadow Empire

Alien Fauna is coming to life with the newest version of Shadow Empire! There were only around 6 different graphics used to display all the possible xeno-biological evolutionary results in Shadow Empire. Now, thanks to artist Mike Tenebrae, there are … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire gets Air Forces!

Shadow Empire will be released on Steam on December 3rd and it comes with an exciting development: air units will be added to the game. Air forces are the first big post-release addition to the rules of Shadow Empire. When setting up a new game … Continue reading

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GD38v3 scenario for ATG received a big update!

Claus E. Füssel did another big update to the grand Global Domination scenario GD1938v3 for Advanced Tactics Gold. A scenario that has went to many versions and that has been perfected over time. It is a must-play planet-wrapping 1938-1945 ww2 … Continue reading

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Great DC:Barbarossa AAR

Daniel McBride has written up a great after action report. Check it out over here: It is an interesting AAR to read as there is a close resemblance to how things went in 1941. However he did manage to … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire Poll #1

There has been a lot of feedback to Shadow Empire already. I have been happy that most of it was positive :) And I would like to thank everybody who supported me in buying Shadow Empire. At this moment I … Continue reading

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