Really quick SE development priority poll

Hi guys,

This is a follow up to the previous post. Let me just say that I am the master of my own schedule, but none-the-less I would be interested to see what ratio exists between players prioritizing for better looks versus prioritizing deeper gameplay… Here’s a binary small poll.

What feature addition should have priority in your opinion?

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Yes i know I did not add the option “I want my naval units right now” or “work on the UI” or “get the AI play exactly the same rules”. But this way I can get a clean result from the poll for my short term planning. If you really don’t like both the options than I owe you a small apology. Next poll will have more scope, I promise. :)

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3 Responses to Really quick SE development priority poll

  1. Xebec says:

    I voted graphics because I really think the game deserves a better title screen graphic and menu. But I’ll take whatever Vic provides – this game is wonderful!

  2. eddieballgame says:

    The graphics/UI are more than fine for me. More game depth (if that is even possible) is always welcomed. One of my ‘island games’. :)

  3. Kat0she4ka says:

    Depth, depth and depth once again. We love your game exactly because of it!

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