Happy Christmas everybody!

I wanted to give a big thanks to all players, testers and streamers. It is you that keeps me motivated. Not sure what your new year resolutions are, but mine is that I should find the time to make some more regular public updates, especially on Shadow Empire.

I have been working hard since summer and January 2023 should see the official release of 1.12. If you are already on the open beta that won’t change anything for you, but if you are still on 1.11 it will make a world of difference.

Max a few months later the Oceania DLC should follow up the 1.12 official release. I have been happy to see that most people understand why I am doing a paid DLC. Yes, it is to make continued development of Shadow Empire economically viable. Note that I am putting a lot of effort into improving the Core game as well.

I hope the DLC will do well as I have so many ideas on the shelf to follow up with. Please help me get a rough idea about what you’d like to see in the Shadow Empire future and answer the two questions below.

I would prefer a possible 2nd DLC to be focussed on

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What would be the most important improvement you want to see in the core game?

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Best wishes,


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2 Responses to Happy Christmas everybody!

  1. mroyer says:

    > I have been happy to see that most people understand why I am doing a paid DLC.

    I know it would be a non-starter in this industry, but I’d even be up for some sort of subscription-based Shadow Empire membership that got periodic freebie upgrades/DLCs – if only to keep a constant, predictable revenue stream going so development can be less dependent on that.

    Thanks for all the effort Vic!
    Mark R.

  2. Nsf says:

    It is really hard to pick just 2 options :)

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