Advanced Tactics Phoenix Version just made it to Open Beta!

Advanced Tactics is the breakthrough wargame-4X that has been going strong ever since its release in 2008 and upgrade to Advanced Tactics Gold in 2011. Combining random scenario generation with solid wargaming and 4X empire building.

Recent releases like that of Shadow Empire have kept Vic from doing any work on Advanced Tactics Gold. Hence Vic has signed up with Phoenix Team to bring some well deserved new life and support to Advanced Tactics.

At the moment Phoenix Team consists of Erich Ormand, well known for his Four Seasons Mod, and the prolific Claus E. Füssel, known for his popular Global Domination scenarios and many others.

We are starting this cooperation nice and easy. Phoenix Team is currently working on a volunteer basis and focussing on bug fixing, adding some features as well as improving the editor and its documentation. But if all goes well Phoenix Team might consider taking on the task of finally upgrading AT Gold to AT Platinum.

A huge new Open Beta v2.40 is available for manual install on the Matrix forums and as a BETA branch on Steam. It brings over 30 fixes and improvements as well as a major rework of the random game creation. You now have the ability to select regime properties, People, Name, Flags, and colors for random games and the climate system has been extended to cover the globe from Arctic to Antarctic with a selection of 21 different combinations of climate zones.

Support your classic games and do please do give it a whirl and post on the forums to let Phoenix Team know of any issues!

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5 Responses to Advanced Tactics Phoenix Version just made it to Open Beta!

  1. RustyPanzer says:

    To finally get a naval AI that’s up to snuff would be awesome, if within the realm of possibility.

  2. mgaffn1 says:

    ATG is still one of my favorite games of all time. Super excited to hear about Phoenix team working on it. I have an older version of Windows on my old PC laptop, but will try to install and give it a go.

  3. Villiamza says:

    This is fantastic, well done Phoenix Team and a massive thank you.
    Here’s to AT Platinum!

  4. kaldadarnes says:

    Picking this up again after a hiatus and the Phoenix Beta is fantastic – great work guys!

  5. Jafele says:

    Advanced Tactics is a labour of love. It will never die!!!

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