So let’s keep this going… Interface Improvements you said? right?

A big thanks for the previous poll participation. I am happy with the participation rate and all the further comments given on the various forum threads.

The winning answer in the Possible DLC Poll was quite a surprise… I would have thought majority would have preferred post-apocalyptic low tech mayhem above more trade & politics :) But I am taking note of this. And heck… one does not exclude the other, right?

The winning answers in the Improvements Poll do however require some clarification to make sure I understand this direction well. So “interface improvements” and “AI quality” got to the top of the request list with approx 20% and 15% of the vote. Especially “interface improvements” is a bit vaguely formulated so I am posting a follow-up poll here with as many aspects of the UI/UX I could think of, among which you can choose up to 2 answers that need the most work in your opinion.

So exactly which interface improvements would be most welcome (up to 2 answers allowed)?

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