Shadow Empire Playtest Snippet #1

I am a bit fed up with explaining mechanics in a rather dry fashion. So in this first Playtest Snippet I am sharing some screenies of one of my personal playtests. Of which I am trying to do a lot right now.

Looking for greener pastures

I started on a planet that actually supports Terran agriculture. However I started my game in Liberty… a city in the bloody desert. So I expanded to the west. Towards the closest greener pastures. Picked a hex with 124mm rainfall a turn and started constructing my new farm.

Triggered the ‘green coloured’ foe south of me.

I might have made a mistake focussing on precipitation levels for choosing the location of my farm. For some reason the Klingstein Hansa (that declared war on me really early) suddenly got aggressive and moved in. I moved most of my Militia to the same area to counter them.

272 Food Produced at my new Farm!

In the subsequent turns the Klingstein Hansa got chased of by some rogue AI leftovers from the Dissolution War. Which subsequently started battering my Militia sadly. But I did finish my Farm which is now happily churning out Food. Also note with discovering the Tellina Sea I fixed all my water shortage issues completely.

Well. That’s it for this Snippet! Will do some more soon.

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