Shadow Empire Design Snippet #27

Snippet #27: Graphical make-over
Sorry for the long time of absence. I had a rather rough second part of 2018, don’t ask! But I am back in business and trying to catch up on lost development time. At the moment I am working on making the interface graphics in Shadow Empire more consistent and more unique (compared to my other games).

Progress is good, but it has been rather slow going with the modular graphics approach for the Troop Types. Basically each kind of troops, like Light Tanks can have a few hundred different ways it can be rendered. I have also been improving the tech tree.

Anyways I almost finished with the interface artwork phase and will then be moving to map artwork phase.

Let me share a little bit. Here are a few quick screenies from the current progress:

Just some Militia Units exploring the wastelands

The troops inside one of our Militia Units

Info on our starting Zone and its Governor

Hope to show some more snippets soon and thank you for your time!

Best wishes,

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5 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #27

  1. stdwanze says:

    Very cool pics.

  2. Hogan says:

    Looking really good and great to hear you are back in action! What is the difference between regular and irregular equipment (lower stats, cheaper?)?

  3. vic says:

    Hi Hogan,

    The irregular equipment is the initial equipment of your Militia Units. They have lower stats and basically come free of cost.

    Best wishes,

  4. serfuy says:

    thanks for update .
    i want to ask if the estimated release date still same for shadow empire? (q1 2019)

  5. vic says:

    Ah no…. that slipped to q3 2019. Sorry there.

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