Community Scenario November 1942 released!

A great and huge new scenario for the DC:Community Project

4 German Army Groups, 11 Armies, 4 Allied Armies 50+ Corps, 200+ Divisions are facing 13 Soviet Fronts, 500+ Divisions and Brigades. The great Soviet winter offensives are about to test the mettle of the Wehrmacht once again! All is in the balance.

This scenario by Davide Gambina (nikdav) models operation Uranus, operation Mars and the subsequent operations Little Saturn, Ostrogohsk-Rossosh and Voronezh-Kastornoe. All this on one huge maps that gives the player full operational control.

Amazing detail and very well researched order of battle. Including detailed military hardware, full biographies and officers for both sides, special units like Ski Troops and Arko.

This scenario is a MUST HAVE for any Eastern Front aficionado!

Big thanks for Davide Gambina for completing this titanic work of excellence.

Click here to go to the November 1942 entry in the scenariobank.

Front overview (click for larger version):

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