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November 1942

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AI Capable
2018-11-19 18:56:06

November 1942 ver.1.0 --- 10km/ 2day/division level/ 40 turns / Soviet AI --
This scenario attempts to recreate the fierce, hard struggle on Eastern front from November 1942 to January 1943.

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Player Feedback

8This is amazing, but it seems incomplete without at least some representation of airpower. Am I missing something?
kondor999, July 19th, 2020, Rev#0
10What a beautiful work of art. Only thing missing are airplanes.
Alexander, January 6th, 2019, Rev#0
10Hi Nik, I downloaded and some of the graphics didn\'t go through. However, Malwarebytes thought the entire program was malware and sent it to the quarantine zone.
demy1942, January 3rd, 2019, Rev#0
10I had same problem as leftydad
Bluesteel, December 12th, 2018, Rev#0
10What app is supposed to be used to unpack the file? I couldn\'t find a way to open it.
leftydad, December 12th, 2018, Rev#0

Scenario Chatbox

PlayerChat MessagePost Date
SoldatenI downloaded the scenario and unzipped the file with WinZip and manually placed the two files (graphics and Community scenario) but I am not sure how to open the file. Can you do it through DCBarbarossa? If so, I don’t see the scenario in the menu page of the game. The files are in the game directory. Any help is appreciated.January 19th, 2020
nikdavThe first turn is always very slow, with my 3 laptops (I5, I3, Intel coreduo) it last 5, 6 and 10 minutes to start ! ( there are hundreds of units on a very big map ! ) July 1st, 2019
ventura1976I get stuck on \"Preparing AI Initialization - 40%\" every time.June 20th, 2019
nikdavJust download the scenario, open the DC Community project program, first \"import zip\" , and than \"load scenario\" December 13th, 2018
nikdavYou must use the DC Community Project program not DC Barbarossa program ! December 13th, 2018
roy64I think this is not a Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa mod it\'s an DC : Community Project mod.December 13th, 2018
anetcom2Used game unzip command - says it works but game looks for a dc3 extension and file is a dcx extension. Tried to change download dczip to zip to manually unpack, no difference. Game cannot load a dcx game file. Shame. Install instructions tad vague, to say the least...December 12th, 2018
roy64I couldn\'t get it to work. I\'ve got the Steam version.December 12th, 2018

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