Shadow Empire Design Snippet #21

Snippet #21: Stratagems

In this snippet we are seeing some new Fate Stratagems the player has received. I am really expanding on these Stratagems and using them for lots of different stuff. These Fate Stratagems are rare and can only be acquired by conquest and levelling your empire up. Other Stratagems will include Artifact Stratagems that you’ll acquire through scavenging and archeology. Faction Stratagems that you’ll acquire by having a good relation with a faction within your empire. And then there is a big bunch of Organisation Stratagems that are produced by your different councils.

Quick update. The First Impressions team is taking a few weeks off as I am doing some mechanic revisions to Shadow Empire. Initial test results where very helpful and so was the feedback from Matrix-Slitherine HQs. The revisions are focussing on giving the player more sense of freedom and sandbox by among others making the zones more flexible. Also I am adding empire customization upon starting your game.

More news soon.

Best wishes,

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  1. ernieschwitz says:

    As always an interesting post there… :)

  2. stdwanze says:

    Indeed, very cool looking.. Looking forward to test the alpha/beta.

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