Shadow Empire Design Snippet #22

Snippet #22: Minors and Unaligned Forces

In this snippet you are seeing the 1st Assault Infantry Brigade advancing on a group of Free Folk Marauders.

You core enemies in Shadow Empire are the other Major nations. These function much like your own nation. However there are also Minor nations and Unaligned Forces. These Minor nations are somewhat organized, but they don’t have the culture, intelligence, tech or will to become a real (major) nation. They are quite diverse and include Roamers, Farmers, Slavers, Religious Fanatics and Mutants. Gameplay-wise they mostly function as speed bumps to your growth, but you can also engage in limited diplomacy with them. It is for example possible to offer your protection to a Minor or make it a client state. Eventually they can even merge into your Major nation.

Next to the minors there are also Unaligned Forces and they represent those entities that are completely without organisation. They include Free Folk forces and also Alien lifeforms native to the Planet. Note the non-terrestrial plant colours in the screenshot. That is because this particular Planet (Lazonar Lumus) has alien plant life. If it has sizeable Alien animals is not sure yet. It is relatively rare to find yourself on a Planet that had much alien evolution. (well… unless you don’t go fully random and select the ‘Medusa’ planet class for your game)

More news soon. I hope to recommence the First Impressions test in about 2 weeks. I am finishing up on some last features.

Best wishes,

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7 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #22

  1. stdwanze says:

    Looks so cool, can’t wait ;-)
    Can you as a player encourage/support minor factions to become mayors?

  2. ernieschwitz says:

    Assuming that the difference between minors and majors is that you cannot influence a major and a major is bigger than a minor… why would you want a minor to become a major?

  3. stdwanze says:

    Because 2 weak major nations are easier to handle than one big oponent steamrolling towards you? You’re not so much into grand strategy arent you? ;-)

  4. vic says:

    Actually no.. they cannot become majors. They’ll me more likely to fragment into multiple minors if a minor gets to big.

    A minor leader can become a zone governour for you though, if his/her minor regime joins you.

  5. ernieschwitz says:

    Re: stdwanze.

    Because one weak major nation is stronger than a minor nation? Oh and no need for insults, although I am not sure it is one. The double negative cancels out, and that means I am “much into grand strategy” ;) Thanks you. :)

  6. stdwanze says:

    No offence intended. Generally, I referred to the strategy to boost minor powers to keep others in check. It’s always easier to control a group of people competing for the same limited resources than one big power which can focus on the “outside”.

    The “assimilation” parts sounds very interessting. Always looking for games that try portrait conquest more realistic than just “overran”-“kill all”-“rebuild”.

  7. vic says:

    The whole Shadow game is being build in such a way that it will be easy for me to extend it further after release. So all ideas are welcome, its just not everything is going to make the initial release. I have already spent so much time :)

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