Shadow Empire Design Snippet #20

Snippet #20: Profiles and Stratagems

Your empire will have 7 profile groups, each with 3 profiles. The groups are: Society, Work Method, Ideology, Warrior Spirit, Diplomatics, Leadership Style and Economics. In the little screenie shown here you see the Warrior Spirit Group. Its 3 profiles are: Cleverness, Bare Bones and Morale. Cleverness gives you good tactical bonuses in the field, but has a limiting effect on Bare Bones once it gets to high. Bare Bones gives your logistical network a boost, but has a limiting effect on Morale once it gets to high. Morale increases the base morale of your troops in the field and helps avoid unwanted retreats or panics, but has a limiting effect on Cleverness once it gets to high.
Furthermore once you get a certain profile field to a certain level you’ll be able to produce specific special Stratagems. In the case of this group of profiles you can get Posture Stratagems that you can play on HQs. Like for example: Hold at all costs, Recon in Force and Ambush.
That’s it for this small snippet. Thanks for staying with me during development!

Best wishes,

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5 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #20

  1. stdwanze says:

    where do the points for the groups itself come from?

  2. vic says:

    They profile points will increase (and decrease) from the decisions you’ll make every turn.

  3. khan360 says:

    Heyy Vic,

    Thanks for the update.I have asked you back in October 2017 too and I am going to ask again, can I plz help you with the development? could I have a testing copy? I am an experienced strategy gamer including ATG. I can show you my steam account for review.Thank you..

  4. Stolze_Prinz says:

    Seems cool

  5. vic says:

    hi khan,

    Your first on the list for a reminder once i start recruiting wave 2. Might be a few months, but not much more.

    best wishes,

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