The Monthly Metrics : December 2015

As many of you know I have been asking Barbarossa players to switch on the metrics switch so we can have a better idea how hard the game is for the average player.

In this first Monthly Metrics post I’d like to share a comparison of the German player Victory Points in v1.00 and v1.01.

On the y-axis the number of VP, on the x-axis the number of rounds played. Click to mega-enlarge:

In my personal opinion the Germans should try to really have around 55 VP at round 10-ish. And than add around 10-15 VP’s per 10 round untill the grand finale arrives. The grand finale is at around a 100 VP’s. At that point the Germans are on the verge of victory.

Taking into account the quite large number of German players with relatively low VP progress abandoning the current game, or restarting it, I have to say it seems like the difficulty level for the average player is just about right.

I am happy to see that judging from the current data the AI in v1.01 seems to better hold itself against some extremely aggressive German players (note the 4 early victories before or around round 30 in the red lines)

Of course I ran more analytics on the data. And I can also say it is quite astonishing to me that almost everybody is playing at the lowest difficulty setting. Me and Cameron put quite a lot of thought and balancing work in getting the ‘challenging’ and ‘hard’ levels right without overloading the AI with combat bonuses, but so far play of ‘challenging’ seems to be absolutely minimal. Guess We’ll probably have to take it as a compliment.

Also I can share that the ratio of German players versus Soviet players seems in the order of at least 5 to 1.

Next month I’ll highlight something different in the Monthly Metric! Hope you enjoyed that we shared a bit of insights here.

Best wishes,

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