The Barbarossa Original Soundtrack

Please meet our musicians: Tempest for an Angel.

Note that the game uses the instrumental version per default, but that you can switch on the vocals through the preferences tab.

Click here for more information on Tempest for an Angel.

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2 Responses to The Barbarossa Original Soundtrack

  1. History101 says:

    Hi, I have some questions and replies about the new Decisive Campaigns-Barbarossa.

    1) The Germans in World War 2 started Operation Barbarossa with 3 million plus men right? Not 1.29 Million ! Why would the Germans attack 1.79 million well entrenched and ready Russians ? When in all reality the Soviets were caught with their pants down and Stalin did not even believe his field commanders of the German attack! Stalin did not react to the news of invasion by Germany for almost a week.

    2) Why in this game are the soviets so well entrenched with waves of reinforcements from the start ?

    3) Balance ? No more like huge historical inaccuracies !

    The game is not playable due to these shortcomings!

  2. vic says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your reply. Here are some quick responses.

    11. It is important to understand that all German divisions are present. The troops modeled represent the combat troops of these divisions, not to their non-frontline troops. A lot of other support troops are abstracted as well and not actually counted in the statistics.

    2. And all Soviet Armies as well. (Which arrived historically in huge quantities really quickly – though there has been some fine tuning in recent 1.02).

    3. Criticisms are always welcome. However we feel that the game is quite winnable as the Germans. Metrics provided by players do confirm this.

    best wishes,

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