Decisive Campaigns : Community Project now available!

Community ProjectIf you own DC:Barbarossa you can now participate in the semi-open BETA of DC:Community Project. The Community Project is a separate game that uses the same engine but is configured to make scenario construction as easy as possible.

Why a separate game?

First of all because we want to be able to eventually share the Community Project with owners of different (and future) versions of our DC games.

One big problem we noticed with series and editors is that the scenarios created have a tendency to become obsolete after the newest game in the series is released. By giving the Community Project a decent subset of features from all new releases and keeping it available to old and new players we should be able to provide a long life-time for any scenario design efforts by the community.

Secondly it helps psychologically for players to understand that the Community Project (default rules) are different from DC:Barbarossa. The default rules of the Community Project are more similar to DC2 and are relatively void of any chrome. In many ways the default setup is for a straight-forward counter-pusher.

That being said the Community Project does come with official libraries that allow you to set for example the weather, victory conditions, political point income, reinforcement and replacement cards and more.

What can I make with it?

The Ardennes offensive, Kursk, the Korean war, Africa, Sicily, world war 1 scenarios… In many ways your imagination is the limitation.

The default rules give you a big amount of landscape types (ranging from jungle to desert) and the rules will work well with any unit scale chosen between divisional and regimental. Though you might get a way with battalion or corps level units as well. Length of turns can be anywhere between 1 turn/day to 1 turn/week or more. My recommendation is to stick to 5km per hex/1 day a turn or 10km per hex/2 day a turn.

You can create trooptype libraries and historical unit libraries (TOEs) for any nation you want. As well as making officer libraries and drawing maps from scratch.

The modular setup ensures that when at a future moment we’ll provide additional chrome-by-event you can easily add it in to your scenario. And your scenario will be available to players of newer games as well.

For the hardcore “modder” it is even possible to create your own event libraries that can directly tap in to over 500 execute- and check- functions that the engine’s scripting system supports.

Where to get it?

To download the Community Project you’ll need to register and login to the scenario bank. To consult the documentation visit the community project wiki pages.

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  1. Chris says:

    I still think the map graphics in DC1 were the best.

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