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The upcoming third Decisive Campaigns game

Barbarossa released on Steam!

With quite some pride we can announce that DC:Barbarossa is now also available over at Steam. The version going on sale there is the latest v1.03(p) and includes the most recent new features and adjustments. Keep in mind that if … Continue reading

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Barbarossa is coming to Steam!

Just a quick update for those who missed the news. Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa is coming to Steam soon :) We aim to have release version 1.03 (p) rolled out at or before Steam release time. Version 1.03 will bring a … Continue reading

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Grogheads Readers Choice Award 2015

We are very happy that Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa has received the DIGITAL WARGAME OF THE YEAR award from the Grogheads reader audience! Surf over to to read up on all the winners and runner ups.

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We Are Watching You… Metrics Part 2

This is a follow on from Vic’s post ‘Monthly Metrics : 2015’ The game includes a Metrics option that sends data back to our secret Caribbean server every five rounds. What does it send? Only the information that’s been used … Continue reading

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The Barbarossa Original Soundtrack

Please meet our musicians: Tempest for an Angel. Note that the game uses the instrumental version per default, but that you can switch on the vocals through the preferences tab. Click here for more information on Tempest for an Angel.

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The Monthly Metrics : December 2015

As many of you know I have been asking Barbarossa players to switch on the metrics switch so we can have a better idea how hard the game is for the average player. In this first Monthly Metrics post I’d … Continue reading

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