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Why Are My Panzers Guzzling Fuel?

The Germans commenced Barbarossa with inadequate fuel reserves. Even with their stripped down Panzer Divisions, (after France they had halved the number of tanks in each Division in order to double the number of mobile formations), they had only enough … Continue reading

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Why Oh Why?

There’s a war on. You’re doing your best to win your part of it but it’s proving to be a lot more challenging than it should be. It’s not the endless hordes of Bolsheviks nor the abysmal weather in the … Continue reading

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To Be or Not to Be

With the last official update metrics were added to track various decisions within the game. We’ve now got a substantial amount of data on this and I’ll be posting a series of blogs focusing in on the results. This has … Continue reading

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Next Game Post 2: Pushing Noodles Uphill

Management, People and Possibilities Ideas are starting to firm up and coalesce for the next game. Or games as now that DC Barbarossa is out (we are both still working on new features for it), Vic is free to focus … Continue reading

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DC: Next Game Post 1: Taking in the Wider View

Work continues at a steady pace on DC3 : Barbarossa but we are starting to give some thought to what comes next. While there are plenty of obvious candidate conflicts that would benefit from a similar treatment we are pondering … Continue reading

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We Are Watching You… Metrics Part 2

This is a follow on from Vic’s post ‘Monthly Metrics : 2015’ The game includes a Metrics option that sends data back to our secret Caribbean server every five rounds. What does it send? Only the information that’s been used … Continue reading

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