Why Oh Why?

There’s a war on. You’re doing your best to win your part of it but it’s proving to be a lot more challenging than it should be. It’s not the endless hordes of Bolsheviks nor the abysmal weather in the godforsaken land that you are fighting over.

No, it’s your own side constantly doing their best to kick a series of home goals. Take a look at this nonsense…


Yes, yes, publicity plays an important role in keeping spirits high on the home front but don’t they know that you’re busy? Surely they understand that you are fully extended with the small matter of Operation Barbarossa?


It appears that war is already over and all the matters is that you stand, like an over stuffed marionette with a forced smile, in front of a camera.

The giant operational map on the wall of your Headquarters indicates that the outcome of Operation Barbarossa remains an open question. You wonder whose status reports that F.M Keitel has been reading? Der Weihnachtsmann (Father Christmas)?

Unsurprisingly your Chief of Staff isn’t happy.


What are you to do with such a nonsensical request?


Agreeing to this madness is going to prove costly in both your time and sense of humour. You could always get one of your more photogenic staff officers to grin like a monkey on your behalf, or even better, inform Reichminster Goebbels which nearby Panzer orifice he can stick his camera’s up.

But it’s awkward. Goebbels presents the public face of the Wehrmacht. Of you and your career. F.M Keitel is insisting. While he is as much use militarily as five men short he has the ear of the Führer and is best not upset.

Mmmm… Perhaps the inconvenience is outweighed by the consequences of refusal?

What would the benefit of hindsight advise? ( from 1,444 games)




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