Barbarossa is coming to Steam!

barabrossa on steamJust a quick update for those who missed the news. Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa is coming to Steam soon :) We aim to have release version 1.03 (p) rolled out at or before Steam release time.

Version 1.03 will bring a large list of fixes and improvements including improved map artwork and a 30.000 word personal War Diary from the perspective of a simple German private. Between Steam release and now do not expect a lot as Cameron is out of office with his family and I am in the middle of moving house.

Last but not least: a big thanks to all the players that have given feedback on the game and the public beta the last weeks; without you it would not be possible to keep getting the quality of the game up!

Best wishes,

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3 Responses to Barbarossa is coming to Steam!

  1. Ron says:

    I know Barbarossa is a great game, but I am having a lot of trouble playing it … not game mechanics, just trying to win. Please direct me to some help on strategy, tactics, etc.

  2. vic says:

    Hi Ron,

    Thats a small question, but not an easy answer. I general I would advise, for the Germans, to advance as fast as possible and cut off as many Soviet troops as you can. Dont mind your losses, advancing quickly and cutting off Soviet armies while they are still trying to adjust to the rapidly changing frontlines is the key to reduce opposition in the final phases. Furthermore juggling a panzergroup from one theater to another at the moment you see an opportunity might not be a bad strategy either.

    A good way to practice is to play with “Easy Mode” on. There is a lot of small errors you can make playing Barbarossa, and they can really add up in the end. “Easy Mode” will be more lenient with you.

    Best wishes,

  3. Ron says:

    Thanks Vic. I will see what I can do .

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