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Hi all,

Got a few weeks while I am still fine tuning the latest and rather enormous balance-difficulty changes to the open beta… so right now I am picking up the new portrait graphics where I left them before the summer holidays. Before I start work again I thought it might actually be a good idea to touch base with the community… The question is which graphical style the players (yes, you) actually prefer. Feel free to point me to other style options in the Matrix/Steam/Discord forums.

5 styles to choose from… And yes A+E and B+C have similarities. Style D is the current SE style.

Which portrait graphic style (not the actual character! the style plz) appeals the most?

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Thanks for your time guys!

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2 Responses to SE Portrait style poll

  1. ScarfWeaver says:

    I’ll be frank I’m not exceptionally impressed with the range of options. *A* seems stylized enough to be suitable but I’d actually recommend looking at the character portraits from Brigador. A bit like the ones we have currently but I think less Uncanny Valley.

  2. AdamantError says:

    I like the stylistic-realistic overlap of A, though I like the costuming on B better. Would changes in portraits be followed up with updates to unit models and such as well? My biggest objection to B and C is that they are too cartoony for most of the world, but if human unit art was updated to be more like the new alien life form art, I think they may fit better than A.

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