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As some of you might have noticed a new AT update has been shaping up in the open beta (Matrix & Steam). It will soon(ish) be released as the new release version. This is all courtesy by Phoenix Team / Erich Ormand, big thanks to them, as AT deserves the updates, but I cant find the time myself.

Now if… no promises… but if it would be possible that we get some more major work done on Advanced Tactics, which direction would you like development to go?

You can only pick 1 answer, because we want you to force to commit :) That being said, I think we’ll do a follow-up poll to get a bit more in detail later. It’s also possible to post here or on the Steam/Matrix forums to share any thoughts you might have for reinvigorating AT.

If only one aspect of Advanced Tactics could be improved, which one would it be?

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Thanks for your time guys!

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  1. tortugapower says:

    I am still playing this game :) However, not sure what I would improve!

    One minor thing was that increasing OOB complexity seems to be penalized in a couple of ways. Beyond PP costs, the allocation of forces top-down is slow (1 turn per draw, isn’t it?). But if you manually ship the forces, they pay a readiness cost. The system feels well thought out and may be the best balance already. My quality of life ask would be that the HQs can distribute forces in a single turn, to prevent micromanagement (such as alternating a production source of trooops between subordinate HQs to keep them supplied).

    That’s a minor thing I encountered in my last game, but as I said, I need to think carefully about how to vote!

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