Shadow Metrics #1: What’s the typical ascension speech?

Quite a number of players have accepted to share some metrics while playing Shadow Empire. This will help me (the dev) over the long run to make game balance improvements. However it is also fun stuff to inspect. Anonymously of course!

The variant focussed on society.

Every player in Shadow Empire has to make an ascension speech. There are 3 variants of this Decision, one focussed on economy, one focussed on society and one focussed on politics.

And it turns out that contrary to public myth the majority of the players do not seem to be totalitarians. In fact “Calulating and Logical” is most often chosen. Like the NPC Leader above says: “Science is Power!”

If there is any specific decision you’d like me to feature in a next Shadow Metrics post feel free to voice your opinion.

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