Shadow Empire Poll #1

There has been a lot of feedback to Shadow Empire already. I have been happy that most of it was positive :) And I would like to thank everybody who supported me in buying Shadow Empire.

At this moment I am churning out “open beta” builds almost everyday as I am focussing on making the game even more stable and improving or fixing rules that were not exactly doing what they should have been doing.

I hope that within a few weeks I can shift time to actually adding stuff to the game. And I would like to have some player input by that time. I am not going to do what the majority wants, but I do want to take it into account. I don’t want to spend my time on something only a small minority of players wants to see added :)

Below I have 4 questions for you all. You can only pick 1 answer in each question and that is done deliberately to force you to commit to a preference. Might be a bit painful to choose, but it will be more insightful for me. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts!

What should have the focus of the dev?

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What existing part of the game should have polishing priority?

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What part of AI development should have priority?

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What kind of BIG new feature-set would interest you the most?

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