Community Scenario Fastov 1943 released!

Davide Gambina (Nikdav) completed a great and super detailed end of 1943 scenario where you take command of part of the Southern Front in a desperate attempt to retake the initiative from the Soviet hordes. This scenario has a very good OOB as well as personalized Divisions, each with their own Commander.

I would like to use this opportunity to give a big thanks to Mister Gambina. It is a pleasure to see the DC:Community Project being used in this fashion.

I encourage any fans of the DC series to try Fastov 1943 out, as well as some of the other DC:Community Project scenarios. It is all Community created and free of charge (well… if you have a DC title installed).

Click here to go to the Fastov 1943 entry in the scenariobank.

Some clickable screenshots:

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2 Responses to Community Scenario Fastov 1943 released!

  1. dirtyharry500 says:

    i can’t play the .dcx file ? how to do?

  2. vic says:

    Hi Harry,

    You need to install DC:Community Project ( it is a seperate game!) and you can install the .dczip from its main menu or load a .dcx file.

    Best wishes,

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