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Fastov 1943

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AI Capable
2021-08-20 10:21:19


Fastov 1943 v.1.1
5km Division/regimental level; 30 turns; Soviet AI.

In november 1943 the best german divisions led by the best german chain of command (Manstein, Raus, Balck, Manteuffel, Nehring,.......) were incapable to regain the initiative on the eastern front. The war was really lost !
v.1.1 added:
- Fuel level, air units, HQ for russian corps

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Player Feedback

2TH Zip file only has a .ink file, no content.
leo020671, August 19th, 2021, Rev#1
9Looks very nice, will play more later and re-score accordingly.
abulbulian@gmail.com, November 18th, 2018, Rev#0

Scenario Chatbox

PlayerChat MessagePost Date
nikdavFixed new v.1.1 scenario download linkAugust 20th, 2021
nikdavTo download the full new 1.1 version you must go to the new scenario entry Fastov 1943 ver.1.1September 4th, 2020
nikdavNew Version for Fastov 1943 !August 28th, 2020
Spellir_74Well Done! Best I played, next to full campaign of DC Case Blue. Please make more at this Fastov scale.May 15th, 2020
AlexanderWhere can In see how much fuel I have?January 5th, 2019
abulbulian@gmail.comok, nm, the v.91e is all I needed :)November 18th, 2018
abulbulian@gmail.comok, using the DCCP community project but it mentioned that this mod was made with .92 and all I can find is .92 of the DCCP. Thought?November 18th, 2018
abulbulian@gmail.comok, think I found it.. http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3982558November 17th, 2018
abulbulian@gmail.comWhere do I get the \'DCCP community project program\'?November 17th, 2018
abulbulian@gmail.comSame issue as others, I can\'t unzip this mod file from the DC Barbarossa Main Menu :(November 17th, 2018
nikdavYou need to use the DCCP community project program to play the scenarioNovember 4th, 2018
demy1942I have the same problem, not sure of how to make this workOctober 28th, 2018
JASAm having trouble loading: have download zip in Barbarossa Mod folder, but what next? Sorry in the question is obvious.October 20th, 2018

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