Shadow Empire Update

No snippet this time. I have just started on the Graphics & Interface development phase and everything is now in transition. So it is hard for me to post a screenie on what I am working on. This Graphics & Interface phase is quite a big phase, but things are progressing well and I already know this will be a huge facelift.

I am not only tackling the graphics itself, but also the way they are build. I can already disclose I am going for a modular approach for Leaders and Equipment. I figured that even if I would do a 100 or 200 unique portraits for Leaders they would quickly turn stale. So I am now trying out a 2d layered approach which seems to be working very well. This should result in thousands of clearly different faces (and well… yeah… tens of thousands of slightly different ones as well).

Tests so far show I’ll be able to implement the same method for the Model Types. Remember that every time you play the game you’ll research and then design new models, like Tanks for example. Everytime you play you’ll have different equipment. It just felt wrong if in one game you designed a ‘Puncher Light Tank’ and in another an ‘Arctus Light Tank’ that they looked exactly the same. Or if you’d upgrade the ‘Arctus’ to ‘Arctus II’ that it would visually be completely identical. The method I am working on should assure multiple dozens of quite different looks for each Model Type (and well… yeah… a hundred or more slightly different ones). Over 20 different Model Types are planned for the final game, so the total amount of looks for your military equipment should be quite impressive.

Anyways just wanted to tell I am still working hard. My apologies for not visually showing anything this post. My next snippet will probably show a first screenshot of some of the final graphics.

Best wishes,

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6 Responses to Shadow Empire Update

  1. Hogan says:

    Great to hear about the custom names and look for equipment. The only real niggle I had about Advanced Tactics was that the research and equipment names (before the update where you could design custom tanks) were not immersive (researching “level 3 infantry” really takes you out of the role playing vibe). “Commander we have researched a new tank model” “Excellent just what we need to crush the rebels, what is it called?” “level 3 tank”.

  2. extremelyonlineperson says:

    This definitely seems like a labor intensive section to work through, but it’s been a while since you’ve teased us with anything. How are things going?

  3. vic says:

    I’ll post a screeny end of the month. Had a rough second half of 2018, but fully back into development again now :)

  4. extremelyonlineperson says:

    Sorry to hear that, hope all is well with you.

  5. vic says:

    Yeah I am ok, just wanted to share I had some delays due to some private issues. Happy to be back on the design track again :)

  6. Good to see you are back, I also hope to hear some news about Shadow Empires soon. (Cablenexus).

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