Mod Global Domination ’38 III is released

A new Advanced Tactics Gold scenario has been released! And not just anyone…

Claus E. Fussel (Ernieschwitz) and company have, after years of design, released the 1.00 version of the completely revamped GD’38 mod.

It is the ultimate Play-by-Email global ww2 scenario. A planet spanning and wrapping map of 400 hexes wide, hundreds and hundreds of different troop types, officers, research, diplomatic options and special historical cards.

You can find GD on the scenario bank over here.

And you can find the 50+ page scenario manual PDF over here.

Make sure to visit the Matrix forums to find opponents and team-mates over here.

More screenshots and info over here.

Click to enlarge
Click map to enlarge

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  1. Shughart says:

    This looks great! I just started a PBEM of DC: Barbarossa, I’ll have to try this one out next. You’ve created a great platform vic.

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