Triumph of the Reich

25 mile hexes europe map – may 1941 start – 35 page manual

Designer ‘icym’ created what can only be called a game within the Advanced Tactics game. The Triumph of the Reich scenario is made for 2 to 5 human players that take control of up to 15 regimes including Germany, USA, USSR, Turkey, Vichy and Persia. Specialized rules include: V-Weapons, Submarine warfare in the Atlantic, scientists, storms, partisans, Atlantic Wall, mines, revised research rules, special actions cards and much much more.

For full info please read the Triumph Players Guide PDF.

My recommendation is that if you like PBEM you should try this scenario out. Download it over here.

For more info and giving your feedback to the designer, please hop over to the Matrix Forums.

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8 Responses to Triumph of the Reich

  1. beltsman says:

    This looks awesome, giving it a shot now!

  2. bwheatley says:

    That’s awesome that someone used the majority of the map i built! Neat!

  3. Ickiestickie says:

    I have this running as im typing this,this IS Fantastic!!!I will be spreading the word about this thats for sure to my fellows.Well done and great work.

  4. Ickiestickie says:

    If anyone would like to join me in the Game,i could do with a few of you please reply below or add me to steam etc
    I would love to get into this,ive got it all set up ready to play,i am new to this so if your really experienced you might find im not qualified enough!:) However itll be fun,it says three players could get along with this nicely,or two even!so lets give it a try.If we get plenty of players interested we could go the whole hog and take a country each?

  5. Ickiestickie says:

    This Triumph of the Reich looks so good and right up my street,if this had AI for all sides or at least say Allies,so i could play Axis,id probally pay same as i did for DC Barbarossa Vic!seriosuly…Its has everything i like about all your games into ONE!..just a thought for you mate for 2017!..happy new year all.:)

  6. Ickiestickie says:

    Actually not probally but definately id pay same price for a working AI.:) Food for thought…

  7. iancm says:

    When I started work on this scenario back in 2012, consideration was given to allowing the AI to optionally play some regimes. However testing confirmed that while the AI can provide a fun challenge in randomly-generated games, in specific scenario such as this one, the AI would be pushed beyond its limits.

    The AI is underwhelming in planning amphibious assaults. It is not programmed to use paratroopers, aircraft carriers or strategic bombing or build fortifications or airfields. It cannot handle use of Action cards (unless coding is done to automatically play them at a certain time or in certain conditions). Later game, the time it would take the AI to do a turn could possibly stretch for many hours.

    All in all, an AI game of Triumph would prove ahistorical and probably unsatisfying. Against human players however, the game engine comes into its own and so human-only games are sadly the only way playing this scenario is really possible.

    I wish you luck in getting a game going. If you have any questions best to post on the Matrix Games Forums, as I check there daily.

  8. Khanti says:

    iancm says: All in all, an AI game of Triumph would prove ahistorical and probably unsatisfying. Against human players however, the game engine comes into ….
    Khanti says: human player vs. human player game mostly leads into ahistorical simulation ;-)

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