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The upcoming third Decisive Campaigns game

Barbarossa Developer Notes #10: The Low Down

Information How information is presented is a big, topical, subject. A game can live and die by it’s ability to provide adequate feedback to the Player. Game mechanics that chug away in an information vacuum are no fun for anybody. … Continue reading

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Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa is released!

DC:Barbarossa is now for sale over at Matrix Games. Click here for more information.

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Barbarossa Developer Notes #9: The Fiddly Bits

Micromanagement A lot of people equate micromanagement with depth, detail and decisions. Fair enough, but I’d take a different point of view. The presence of micromanagement, is to me, a failure in design. It’s something to be avoided at all … Continue reading

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Barbarossa Screenshot #5

Click to enlarge Showing the Soviets contemplating to send Zhukov south to try to stop the German-Romanian advance on the Black Sea coast.

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Warhol compilation of the 57th infantry division

First row: default mode, ownership shading, zoomed in Second row: minimalist nato, minimalist siluet, zoomed in minimalist Third row: siluets, zoomed in with siluets, zoomed out with siluets DC:Barbarossa has three settings for displaying your counters. First you can choose … Continue reading

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Barbarossa Developer Notes #8: The Dark Side

Ethics and Morals In days of yore battles were fought by men chosen for the task in places specially selected to be well clear of everybody except the combatants. Slings were slung, spears were lunged and swords were clanged against … Continue reading

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