A first sneak-peak at the DC : Community Project editors

For those of you who missed it DC : Community Project is the planned extra game. Free of cost, but initially only for upcoming DC3:Barbarossa owners. Later it will probably be made available to DC1 and DC2 owners as well. It is to focus completely on making DC easier to mod and design scenario’s with. Its aim is to promote cooperation, re-use and different levels of difficulty to edit in. I hope to have an early BETA ready within a few weeks, or at most a few months.

Here are a few screenshots: (click on them to enlarge)

Above we see the troop type editor. Where you can create a set of tanks, gun and infantry trooptypes

Above we see the historical unit editor. Where you can create a set of model units and their TOEs. It uses 1 or more troop type libraries

Above we see the officer editor. Where you can create a set of officers. It can use 1 or more officer card libraries

Above we see the map editor. Where you can draw and design a map

And above here we see the most complicated screen in the Simple Editor: the library overview screen. In the Simple Editor you can actually not design a lot, but you can load other libraries (like troop type libraries, historical unit libraries, event libraries) and then configure them

Above we see the configuration options available for the player to give instructions to the supply events loaded from the Basic VR Library.

As the name ‘Community Project’ suggests this is only going to work if people are willing to create content for it. The DC engine has proven to work and it has the potential to simulate a heck of a lot of conflicts. With some joint effort I really hope it is possible to kickstart modding and scenario design for DC.

With the new editors in place I hope to give budding and experienced designers the chance to use this engine to create their own unique scenario’s.

VR’s time is best spent on perfecting the new editors and adding more script libraries (to provide more design options to scenario designers), but if you are interested in making your own scenarios, maps, OOBs, TOEs, troop type statistics, etc… and want to be involved early on and help me debug the new setup drop me a line at vic@xs4all.nl with a motivation and what kind of scenarios you would like to create… and I’ll try to get you a beta entry. Either early on or later on. No promises, since I prefer at this stage to only accept people who have some experience with modding/scenario design with ATG/DC1/DC2. Later on when the bugs are out i’ll open up places for newbies as well.

Best wishes,

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8 Responses to A first sneak-peak at the DC : Community Project editors

  1. Joe Kundlak says:


    I am not much of a modder myself, nor do I see much time I could devote to creating new content, but who knows! Maybe in the future, when I have more time for PC gaming (DC1, DC2, DC3…)…

    Keep at it Vic!!!

  2. Schnoodles says:

    This is very cool news. I am not much of a modder either but I can see myself doing some research and trying to build various battles. Maybe a battle of the bulge?

  3. Chris says:

    I will begin research on the eastern front of WWI so I can develop a what-if scenario of a German concentration in the East instead of the West.

  4. mgaffn1 says:

    Very interested in that historical unit editor.

  5. Erik Nygaard says:

    I’m looking forward to try out this in DC1. Have an almost finished Weserübung scenario that would be interesting to put through this editor (if possible).

  6. vic says:

    Hi Erik,

    This editor will initially only ship with DC3.
    But worse for your Weser. scenario, it is really setup to construct a scenario from scratch using a new masterfile optimized for more simpeler and quicker scenario design. It is thus not possible to use the new editor on your existing scenarios.
    The new approach is less flexible, but with the trade-off of being easier and aims to create interchangeable parts that modders and designers can re-use.

    best wishes,

  7. Jafele says:


    Will it be possible to generate random maps (using typical russian terrain) in the map editor? Guess most of ATG followers would love this feature…

  8. vic says:

    Hi Jafele,

    No sorry there. But in theory I see no reason why using the editor somebody could not create an event that would actually do that. Its just not our focus for the release. ATG is the random flagship and hopefully I’ll finish Shadow Empire in some time as well (which also has strong random map generation).

    Best wishes,

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