Small General games receive an update!

Yes we keep supporting our Android games! Small General has been updated to v1.3 and Small General : Eastern Front to v1.05. The improvements are mainly concerning layout on tablets and high-res (>480px by 800px) devices, but also fix an issue with the android software menu bar in the bottom of the screen on lower resolution devices (or when running in minimum-resolution mode set in prefs). Furthermore a number of new features from Eastern Front has been ported to the first Small General game including zooming in and out.

Never played Small General yet and have an Android tablet or phone? Load up the Google Play store and get it. Here are 2 extra pictures from the game running on the Nexus7 to get you motivated:

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  1. MikeC says:

    Great application of SG to historical scenarios – still struggling to win Moscow 1941 as the Soviets…I look forward to more…I can’t help but think WW1 might be a great topic….;)

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