The December development progress report

This month saw the introduction of leaders to Advanced Tactics Gold with the release of the beta patch v2.12 (in the meantime already updated to v2.13). This month also saw the release of beta patch v1.05(c) for Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue. I think Case Blue is really stable now and if you haven’t got it yet you might want to jump in :)

Sadly I did not spent as much time on development this month as I’d like. The holiday season and the seasonal festivities (read: social life) really put a dent into the hours worked. However I did make some further progress on the “Mystery Project”. Its is slowly approaching a state where almost all core features are in and functioning. Soon i’ll have to flesh things out by adding more units, details and do some actual rules & balance fine-tuning in order to work towards a fully playable alpha version. I would really like to tell some more but this projects future is still not 100% sure so I am going to stay secretive for a little while longer. One thing I can say is that it is not an easy feat to develop a completely new engine from scratch. Another thing is that I think that if I get all my ideas and code together it will be quite an original game.

The majority of my time is invested in the new mystery project, but I hope to have at least 1 day a week available to work on ATG/DC patches and maybe even a new DC title. I am not sure yet, but I mentioned in the Case Blue forums that I am considering working on a new DC game doing Operation Barbarossa. For now don’t read this as a promise though, but as a wish. Time is something that is increasingly scarse.

I hope you all had a merry christmas and a good end of the year!

Best regards,

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