The November development progress report

This month I finally promoted the DC: Case Blue v1.04 beta patch to gold status. In the meantime I have been spending a fair ammount of time on the new “mystery project” and a very early internal alpha seems likely for end of the year. Furthermore I have been spending some more time on a big new feature patch v2.12 for Advanced Tactics Gold. The coding is already finished and just waiting for a few graphics and then the commanders and the officerpool will make their entrance for ATG in the next v2.12 patch. These last days of the month I am trying to finish up another patch for Case Blue fixing some balance issues and small bugs. But after the Case Blue v1.05 patch i’ll start work on v1.06 which is scheduled to include a brand new intermediate editor to help scenario designers make new content for Decisive Campaigns.

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3 Responses to The November development progress report

  1. bearro says:

    Are there any plans for a new patch for DC: Warsaw to Paris, porting new features added to Case Blue.

  2. vic says:

    Hi bearro,

    Yes Warsaw To Paris should get a version increase also some time in the new year. However dont expect any big changes to v1.50.

    The engine got updated, but the scenarios of Case White and Yellow basically stayed the same. So the engine upgrade added speed improvements, better GUI and the like, but I am not planning to redesign the scenarios to implement for example replacement troops or the new officer card system. These scenarios are there own complicated systems that are internally consistent, i cannot just pull and plug a new scenario rule or system from Case Blue to Warsaw to Paris.


  3. bearro says:

    Thanks Vic, still the engine update is welcome news, thanks for not forgetting about an older game!

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