Shadow Empire Design Snippet #31

Shadow Empire has been officially upgraded to v1.10.04 a week or two ago on all platforms. I am now focusing more and more attention to developing the next big feature. I think I can reveal the topic by now: Its “Oceans”.

A word of warning: I am not adding player controlled navies & units to the game (yet). It is already a big addition to have oceans, islands and watery Planets in the game. Surprise arrival on the scene will be the new Maritime Trade Houses (MTHs) you’ll be able to contact and sign shipping contracts with.

It will allow for some really different kind of gameplay. And I really like developing these systems, however honesty obliges me to say that development time and AI considerations are also a reason why I am not going (immediately) for player controlled naval units. I prefer to deliver the Oceans Update rather sooner than later and after that get me some much postponed AI development time on Shadow Empire. I’d especially like to improve the quality of the AI Major Regime moves and thus increase the challenge level.

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4 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #31

  1. lukaszg says:

    Looking forward to AI improvements. As it is it’s too easy to pinch off elements of the AI force and surround/defeat them. The AI seemingly doesn’t go for encirclements which makes it just push the units around the map and can’t defend against being encircled very well. The strategic AI can be boosted with bonuses as needed and does fine but tactical AI (for majors especially) has trouble preserving its units and mounting a convincing offensive. This is pretty immersion breaking.
    Mind you this is a very difficult problem, especially in a wide open unconstrained game like Shadow Empire. But any improvements that can be made would be very welcome.

  2. hetman says:

    Oceans must turn it into a full-fledged geopolitics.

  3. hetman says:

    Comments are broken

  4. vic says:

    Thanks for warning me! Comments should be working again!

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