GD38v3 scenario for ATG received a big update!

British and Soviets are jointly defending the Caucasus in GD38 scenario

Claus E. Füssel did another big update to the grand Global Domination scenario GD1938v3 for Advanced Tactics Gold.

A scenario that has went to many versions and that has been perfected over time. It is a must-play planet-wrapping 1938-1945 ww2 PBEM scenario for many players (or multiple teams).

Here are the update highlights:

Check out the list of the hundreds of different historical airplanes and tanks over here:

And download the actual over here:

Lets end this post with some more screenies:

The whole world is a theater of war

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  1. jhares says:

    im looking for more scenarios and campaigns please. this is a great platform

  2. jhares says:

    does anyone know where or how to get any of Grymmes scenarios??

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